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In today's technological age, it is imperative that students gain knowledge in how to effectively use technology. The pages below will assist in the utilization of technology in the classroom to help foster this new learning.

  • General Technology Information: The links on this page provide great ways on how to use technology in the classroom to aid the learning process. It also provides tips for online lesson plans and how to effectively utilize a PowerPoint. The YouTube videos are also helpful in understanding the many different tools for teaching.
  • Instructional Design: On this page you will find links that explain the different tools to use to design and develop an online course.
  • Single Use Tools: Each link on this page provides information on technology that can be used to improve teaching strategies. There are online chat rooms and tips for notetaking online.
  • Group Collaboration Tools: This page contains helpful links for groups to improve their communication skills through technology.
  • Collaborative Document Creation: These links provide documents for use in group work. These documents make the structure and organization of the group work flow easier.
  • Tools for Integrating Technology in the Classroom: This page gives links to technological software, databases, and documents that help teaching in classroom. The YouTube videos provide informative visual aids to show how you can use technology in the classroom.
  • Learning with Apple
  • Creating Books
  • Technology Integration Resources