Learning Community in Social Justice & Community Transformation

Connect to the social issues YOU care about through experiential learning and community engagement. Ignite your passion and apply what you learn in the classroom to opportunities in the community to create solutions to some of today’s most difficult social challenges.

Why join the Learning Community?

As part of the Learning Community you can:

  • Connect with passionate students from across campus who share your desire to tackle complex social issues.
  • Engage in coursework designed to examine social problems and their solutions from a transdisciplinary perspective*
  • Build in-demand job skills in creative and innovative thinking, communication, compassion, equity and justice, partnership building, and teamwork.
  • Meet community-engaged faculty from a variety of disciplines and get involved in community-based internships, research projects, and service opportunities.
  • Learn about Certificates that can enhance your UA degree like those in Applied Community Engagement and Social Justice & Conflict Transformation.
  • Grow your professional network by participating in EX[L]’s Akron Community Connectors program.
  • Access small grants to help fund your ideas for projects in the local community through EX[L] student-driven initiatives.
  • Experience a whole new side of the City of Akron!

Am I eligible to join?

  • This interest-based Learning Community is open to all students in any major.

What are the requirements?

Fall Semester:

  1. Enroll in: 3850:200 Social Justice*
  2. Attend the Learning Community orientation (Sept) and monthly meet ups (Oct/Nov)
  3. Attend at least 2 Learning Community speakers/events throughout the semester

Spring Semester:

  1. Enroll in:
    • 1920:300 Building Effective Community Partnerships;
    • 1920:330 Working with Diverse Communities; and
    • 1920:360 Assessment in Community Engagement**
  2. Attend the Learning Community monthly meet ups (Jan-April)
  3. Attend at least 1 Learning Community speaker/event throughout the semester
  4. Participation in the Akron Community Connectors Program (approx. 2-hour time commitment)
  5. Completion of Learning Community reflection survey

*3 credits — also serves as the core course in the Certificate in Social Justice & Conflict Transformation. By joining the Learning Community, you will automatically be enrolled in this course for Fall.

**1 credit - 5 week, online asynchronous courses taken sequentially; also serve as the core courses in the Certificate in Applied Community Engagement. You will be asked to reaffirm enrollment in the Learning Community prior to being enrolled in Spring courses.

How to Apply

You're encouraged to talk to your major advisor, and/or appropriate student support services staff to help determine if this Learning Community is right for you.

  1. Applications are solicited each spring for the following academic year.
  2. You will need to fill out the Learning Communities interest form.
    • Seats are limited – and are assigned on a first come basis.
  3. You do not need to be accepted into a specific Certificate program to participate in the Learning Community, but you will need to apply and meet admission criteria (including any minimum GPA requirements) to any Certificate(s) being sought.


For more information and details visit Learning Communities at UA or to talk to a Learning Community Faculty member contact:

Dr. Christin Seher, Co-Director of The EX[L] Center