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An unclass is intended to give you experiential opportunities in a 3-credit course (unless noted otherwise), that's open to all students, interdisciplinary, problem-centered and hands-on! Small class sizes allow you to play a significant role in how the course is structured and unfolds.

The particulars:

  • An [Un]Class may satisfy the Complex Systems Gen-Ed requirement, (ask the professor of record)
  • Enroll under the course number listed
  • To seek independent study (IS) or other pathways to credit in another department contact Dr. Behrman
  • If the course number has a pre-req or is a controlled section, contact the professor of record to arrange enrollment


Spring 2021 [Un]Classes

Wicked Problems: The Covid-19 edition [Un]ClassWicked Problems: The Covid-19 Edition



This [Un]Class will use wicked problems, design thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset as a starting point to create one or more solutions/actions that positively and substantively impact our shared experience under the negative conditions of the covid-19 pandemic. This course may count towards the complex system general education tag.

Nourishing Narratives [Un]ClassNourishing Narratives [Un]Class

3300:489-502 or 7760:421-008


Lauren Garcia-Duplain (English)
Dr. Kristen Debois (Nutrition)
Dr. Christin Seher (EX[L])

Students will explore their cultural food stories through narrative writing in tandem with watching/discussing the docuseries “Taste the Nation” (access to Hulu will be needed for Jan/Feb). The class will then collaborate with local food entrepreneurs and chefs to learn/write about their food stories and uses these stories to innovate how to better connect the campus community to Akron’s diverse foodscape. This course may count towards the complex system general education tag.

Design your career [Un]ClassDesign your career [Un]Class


Tu/Th 10:45 a.m. - Noon

Dr. Heather Braun (English)
Akron Public Schools

Working with tools from Stanford’s Hasso Plattner Institute of Design, this [Un]Class helps students develop a growth mindset and creative confidence to tackle problems and design multiple career paths. As co-designers of this course, you will gather knowledge and feedback from mentors, peers, and local professionals to articulate what gives you purpose and drives you to succeed.