Faculty in Child & Family Development

Shannon Zentall, Ph.D.
Area Coordinator
Associate Professor, Child & Family Development Area Coordinator
411-A College of Arts & Sciences


Ph.D. (2009) University of Notre Dame
M.A. (1999) The Ohio State University
B.A. (1997) Indiana University

Research Interests

  • Parent-Infant Attachments
  • Socio-emotional Development in Infancy and Early Childhood
  • Motivation in Early Childhood
  • Parenting and Marital Adjustment

Pamela A. Schulze, Ph.D.

Director, Center for Family Studies
Professor, Child & Family Development
400-B College of Arts & Sciences

Ph.D. (2000) University of Connecticut, Family Studies
M.A. (1997) University of Connecticut, Human Development & Family Relations
B.A. (1991) Southeastern Louisiana University, Psychology

Research Interests

  • Child Development
  • Poverty and Lifespan Development
  • Parent-Infant Interaction
  • Cultural Variations in Parenting Beliefs and Practices
  • Breastfeeding

Sabine Gerhardt, Psy.D.
Associate Professor, Child & Family Development
410 College of Arts & Sciences

Psy.D. (2012) University of the Rockies, Criminology & Justice Studies
M.A. (2005) the University of Akron, Child & Family Development
B.A. (2003) the University of Akron, Family Development
2012 Certified ALICE trainer

Research Interests

  • Family Relationships in Times of Crisis 
  • Family and Sociocultural Influences on Intimate Relationships
  • Children, Families, and the Criminal Justice System
  • Active Shooter Prevention

Jason Chiang, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Instruction, Child & Family Development
405 College of Arts & Sciences

Ph.D. (2017-expected) Syracuse University, Human Development and Family Relations
M.A. (2010) University at Albany, Educational Psychology and Methodology
B.A. (2009) University of Toronto, Psychology

Research Interest

  • Cross-Cultural Parenting
  • Adult Attachment Styles
  • Acculturation & Enculturation Process

Jeannette Wade, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Instruction
Child & Family Development
406 College of Arts & Sciences
Ph.D. (2017-expected) The University of Akron, Sociology-Health & Gender
M.A. (2011) The University of Akron, Family & Consumer Sciences - Child & Family Development
B.A. (2007) Cleveland State University, Political Science - International Relations

Research Interest

  • Health Risk Behaviors
  • Sex & Gender
  • Black American Socialization & Health
  • Adolescence & Emerging Adulthood

Adjunct Faculty in Child & Family Development

Amy Broadhurst, Assistant Lecturer     amb2@uakron.edu

Angela Kovach, Assistant Lecturer        kovacha@uakron.edu

Sarah Harvin, Assistant Lecturer           smn16@uakron.edu 

Cheryl Hollis, Senior Lecturer

Suzanne LeSure, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer slesure@uakron.edu

Mary Martell, Assistant Lecturer             mmb8@uakron.edu

Erich Merkle, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer       emerkle@uakron.edu

Jill Merz, Senior Lecturer,                        jill8@uakron.edu

Frank Motz, Senior Lecturer

Gary Rosen, Senior Lecturer                    grosen@uakron.edu

Katie Shubat-Vensel, Assistant Lecturer shubat@uakron.edu

Willa Smith, Assistant Lecturer                willa@uakron.edu 

Cynthia Stone, Associate Lecturer           cystone@uakron.edu

Emeritus Faculty in Child & Family Development

David Witt, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus  

Susan Witt, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus