Below are listed various resources for both FCS students and teachers.

Ohio Department of Education Family and Consumer Education Website
All required forms, state guidelines and operational procedures can be found on this site.

Family and Consumer Sciences Education State Standards Work and Family ITACS and Publications
ITACS or Integrated Technical and Academic Content Standards are the state standards or competencies to be followed for Ohio family and consumer sciences courses. The ITACS include standards for the 6 FCS courses you are licensed to teach in Ohio. Also included in the ITACS are the Academic Connections. These are the high school "academic" competencies or standards that could reasonably be taught in a particular FCS course. This would be an important piece of information to include on any lesson plan. This site has the ordering information for the ITACS (you will be given a copy in 7400:491/591) as well as PDF files for you to download for immediate use. Below is the direct link to the state standards for FCS.

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)
This is the national youth organization that Career-Technical FCS teachers are expected to advise within middle and high schools. The national headquarters web site is: Ohio FCCLA website is:

National Association of Teacher Educators of Family and Consumer Sciences
The Journal of FCS Education is on-line through this website! Check out this peer-reviewed academic journal.

The Forum for Family and Consumer Sciences Issues
A refereed e-journal designed to integrate, apply and transmit knowledge about issues of current interest in Family and Consumer Sciences. Sponsored by North Carolina State University.

American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Media PR Kit
Now you can better educate the public about the valuable contributions family and consumer sciences professionals make to individual, family and community well-being! This grassroots tool kit empowers you with the essential resources to get the word out in your local community.

Association for Career-Technical Education
Share or borrow great lesson plans!

National Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences Education
This site lists the national standards for secondary family and consumer sciences programs

Iowa State University FCS Leadership Academy
Family and Consumer Sciences Leadership Academy. This involves cohorts of learners who commit to several summer weeks of resident courses. Campus housing accommodations are offered through a living learning community for a minimal fee. The program also includes distance education opportunities. The summer format of one to three weeks at Iowa State University is complimented by Web-based courses and assignments that can be completed in your home community or institution. A web-based course will be offered each fall and spring. A Master or PhD degree can be earned through this program.

The Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance
The Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance (Great Plains IDEA) is a consortium of Human Sciences (FCS) Colleges at ten universities that can help you reach your goals. Each university brings a unique strength to the multi-institution academic programs. In a multi-institution degree program, you apply and are admitted at one institution, and take online courses taught by great faculty at multiple institutions without dealing with transfer credit hassles. The Family and Consumer Sciences Education Program Consortium has 16 universities collaborating to help you find online courses to meet teacher certification/licensure requirements.