Repeating a class to change your grade

How does repeating a class affect your financial aid?

There is a limit to the amount of financial aid a student can receive when retaking the same course. A student can repeat a failed course (Grade = F, NGR) up to the limited number of "attempts" to retake the course approved by the University of Akron for retaking a failed course (F, NGR).

Financial aid eligibility for the repeated course, however, is limited once the student receives a passing grade. Please see the two situations below and the examples that follow for specific details.

Note: The following policy should not be confused with the University's "Change of Grade Repeat" policy. The Office of Student Financial Aid's "Repeat" policy refers to how financial aid can be used for repeated coursework.

When repeating a course for change of grade, aid can be received under two circumstances:


A failing (grade of F or NC) grade may be repeated twice for a total of three attempts and still be eligible for federal aid.

Example 1:

First attempt Second attempt Third (final) attempt Fourth attempt
Grade = F or NC Grade = F or NC Grade = A through F No aid for 4th attempt.


If a passing grade of C- through D- is received in a course, a student can receive aid for one additional attempt to improve the grade.

Example 2A (aid allowed for one additional attempt):

First attempt Second attempt Third attempt
Grade = C- through D- Grade = A through F No aid for 3rd attempt

Example 2B (aid allowed for one additional attempt):

First attempt Second attempt Third attempt
Grade = F Grade = C- through D- Aid allowed

No aid for additional attempts in the following example:

Example 2C (no additional attempts are allowed for a class where a passing grade of "A through C" has already been received):

First attempt Second attempt Third attempt
Grade = A through C No aid No aid

Additional attempts beyond these circumstances would be considered "illegal repeats." At the end of the term, if it is determined an illegal repeat has occurred, aid received in that term due to the illegal repeat would be canceled and returned to the federal aid program(s). This would result in a balance due for tuition charges and/or refund overpayment.


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