Picture of Zippy with a call to secure financial aid


We gathered the information below to guide you through the financial aid processing for your upcoming enrollment at The University of Akron.

  • Please consider completing the Release of Confidential Info online form in the Student Center of My Akron if you want our office to be able to speak to anyone else (parent/s, other third parties) about your financial aid. View the eight easy steps.

Follow these steps to secure your financial aid for your upcoming enrollment at the University of Akron!

1. Cost of Attendance (COA)

Why are the online tuition and fees different from the amount on my award letter? How much do I need to pay?


2. Online Financial Aid Offer

Need to print another copy of your financial aid offer or view the most recent version? Log into MyAkron! 

Go to My Akron

3. Planning the Year

How do I know how much financial aid I need? Start the college financial planning process today.

Financing worksheet

4. My Student Loans

What steps are necessary to borrow loans offered to me? Find out the financial aid loan requirements.

Financial aid load requirements

5. Financing Options

Parent PLUS loans, private loans, and payment plans—explore options beyond the student's loans.

Additional resources related to financial aid

6. Other Tips

Click for other helpful financial aid tips and miscellaneous information that we think you should know!