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‘Five-Star Fridays’
Get career-ready!

AT UA, most students take courses Monday through Thursday, leaving Friday dedicated to hands-on, real-world experience.

This innovative schedule – unique among universities in the area – condenses, but does not change, the weekly course load for most students. It provides more opportunity for real-world learning each Friday, helping you prepare for your career.

What will you do on Five Star Fridays?

See what's planned this Friday

Students working on a class project together at The University of Akron.



  • coursework and projects
  • study groups
  • research
  • lab work
  • tutoring
  • advising
  • meetings with faculty
  • field trips
  • speaker events
  • orientation
  • special topics courses

A member of the music faculty at The University of Akron provides direction to a student


Career preparation

  • Career Services and fairs
  • speakers and mentors
  • professional development
  • leadership training
  • networking
  • internships and co-ops
  • student employment
  • job searches and interviews
  • resume building
  • Center for Experiential Learning

The Women in Engineering Group at The University of Akron


Campus involvement

  • organizations and clubs
  • fraternities/sororities
  • student government
  • Zips Programming Network
  • Student Life programs
  • WZIP and Z-TV
  • bands and choirs
  • ROTC
  • Living-Learning
  • Communities

A member of the music faculty at The University of Akron provides direction to a student


Health and wellness


  • Student Health Services
  • Student Recreation
  • and Wellness Center
  • certification training
  • intramural and club sports
  • hiking and running
  • nutritional counseling


  • counseling services
  • support groups

Students from The University of Akron participating in community service


Community service

  • ServeAkron programs
  • donation drives
  • environmental cleanup
  • Make a Difference Day
  • blood donations
  • meal packaging
  • drop-in service events
  • on campus
  • community volunteering

“QUALITY LEARNING AND STUDENT SUCCESS are the primary focuses of Five-Star Fridays. The program is consistent with workplace flexibility trends, and based on my conversations with industry, our students should be even more attractive in the workplace both during school and after graduation if they take advantage of Five-Star Fridays.”

Dr. John C. Green, Interim President, The University of Akron


A student on a college campus


The new Akron Guarantee Scholarship not only guarantees the yearly renewal of your scholarship so long as you are in good academic standing, but the award increases in size after you have earned 30, 60 and 90 credits.

Students playing multiplayer video games


Want to earn a scholarship for gaming? We're forming a varsity team that will compete against other universities in League of Legends, Hearthstone and more. We also need players for our club teams – and we’re looking for students who can build equipment, broadcast games, design uniforms and work as personal trainers. Learn more.

The Student Union at The University of Akron


You have to see Akron! Learn about academic programs, financial aid and scholarships, and housing options during one of our special visit days throughout the year. Or schedule a small-group tour of campus weekdays or on select Saturdays. Learn more.