Field Camp at the University of Akron

Things to bring to Geology Field Camp

Personal Items:

  • Clothing for outdoors, especially the following:
    • boots (that you have already worn and broken in well; no brand new boots allowed because they will give you painful blisters)
    • socks
    • t-shirts (with collars & without - avoid sunburned necks)
    • jeans or long pants (for work on cool days or with scratchy vegetation)
    • shorts (for days when temperatures reach 80 or 90 F)
    • sweatshirt & one outfit of warm clothes including winter hat and gloves (temps will drop to 20s & 30s in Yellowstone)
    • rain-jacket/poncho to be carried in the field (for sudden storms)
    • belt for field notebook case and to hold your Brunton compass
    • sneakers and/or sandals (for times you are not doing fieldwork)
    • bathing suit
  • towel, wash-cloth, soap, shampoo etc.
  • several 1 gallon ziplock bags (place shampoo in ziplock bags when traveling to contain leaks)
  • pillow, sleeping bag (dormitory rooms only provide mattress)
  • music/headphones, books, camera (optional)
  • telephone
  • alarm clock (or mobile device with alarm clock functionality)
  • postcard stamps (if you wish send postcards)
  • You should bring two bags:
    • a day-pack and
    • a suitcase/backpack which occupies a volume no greater than 3 cubic feet

You will use the day-pack when traveling and for carrying your field items. Don't over-pack, you will want to bring back souvenirs and space is at a premium in the vans, especially as field camp progresses.

Things to carry in your day-pack when doing field work:

  • lunch
  • bug spray
  • hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, lotion for sunburn (it's inevitable), bandanna
  • water canteens (2 quarts or more)
  • small first aid kit (antibiotic and band aids)
  • clipboard
  • hard-back field notebook (provided by U. of Akron)
  • field notebook carrying case (wear on belt)
  • pencils (both gray & colored, bring extras), erasers, pencil sharpener
  • watch
  • hand lens (worn on lanyard around neck)
  • rock hammer and hammer carrier (best carried on belt)
  • Brunton compass and acid bottle (provided by U. of Akron)
  • Walkie-Talkie (provided by U. of Akron)
  • rain gear

Additional Items:

  • 3 rapidograph style pens

Micron (or equivalent; should be waterproof and acid free)
Sizes: "01", "03", "08" are required; a "2" or "3" optional
Cost: $2.50-$3.00 each. Where to buy them: Any craft store

  • Ruler with 16th inch divisions, protractor, calculator, pens, note-paper