Mr. Nicholas D. Frankovits

Mr. Nicholas D. Frankovits

Title: Senior Lecturer
Research Specialty: Demonstration material design
Dept/Program: Geosciences
Office: CRH 321
Phone: 330 972-7631
Fax: 330 972-7611


Nicholas D. Frankovits has taught biological and geological sciences for more than 40 years, including the secondary level for 27 years, and 31 years at Cleveland State and The University of Akron Geology Departments.  He has been the author and co-author of many national science publications, is a national lecturer, and has served as advisor and mentor to over 240 student winners competing in state, national, and international science competitions. 

Mr. Frankovits has served on national advisory boards and has been instrumental in the development of educational programs running nationwide.  He has been the recipient of numerous national teaching awards on the secondary and college level.  Nick is also an accomplished and well known local artist. 

Nick is the founder and director of the national non-profit organization, the National Museum of Education, which recognizes and conduits student and teacher educational inventions to the national marketplace.  In addition, Nick serves as the Executive Director of the National Gallery for America's Young Inventors, which is composed of a national student board whose responsibility is to select six student inventions (K-12) to be honored and inducted yearly in Akron, Ohio.



Demonstration material design.

Training Aid Inventions

  • Adhesion / Cohesion Demonstrator
  • Adiabatic Temperature Change Demonstrator
  • Candle Motor
  • Capillary Action Demonstrator
  • Carbon Dioxide Demonstrator
  • Cavitation Demonstrator
  • Chain Reaction Demonstrator
  • Cloud Demonstrator
  • Compressional Wave Demonstrator
  • Conduction / Convection Demonstrator
  • Creative Overhead Projections
  • Density Demonstrator
  • Dipolar Demonstrator for Water Molecule
  • Doppler Demonstrator
  • Earthquake Rigidity Demonstrator
  • Electromagnetic Wave and Photon Demonstrator
  • Faraday’s Cage Demonstrator
  • Grading Mechanism Device
  • Hydrogen Bond Demonstrator
  • Index of Refraction Demonstrator
  • Indirect Evidence Demonstrator
  • Isostatic Rebound Demonstrator
  • Lentz’s Law Demonstrator
  • Liquefaction Demonstrator
  • Mass Movement Demonstrator
  • Microscope Shield
  • Motorized Earthquake Demonstrator
  • Piezo Electric Demonstrator
  • Plastic Instability Demonstrator
  • Radiative Balance Demonstrator
  • Rogue Wave Demonstrator
  • Seiche Demonstrator
  • Simplified Foucault pendulum
  • Steady State Demonstrator
  • Storm Surge Demonstrator
  • Tornado Model
  • Turbidity Current Demonstrator


  • M.S., Earth Science, The University of Akron, 1977
  • B.A., Biology, The University of Akron, 1970


  • Earth Science (3370:100)
  • Natural Science Geology (3370:103)
  • Physical Geology (3370:101)
  • Historical Geology (3370:102)
  • Environmental Geology (3370:200)
  • Introduction to Environmental Science (3370:211)
  • Introduction to the Oceans (3370:171)
  • Oceanography (3370:371)
  • Medical Geology (3370:129)
  • Rocky Mountain National Parks (3370:140)