Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy Laboratory

Scanning Electron Microscopy is an integral part of many aspects of research in geology, biology, chemistry, engineering, physics and polymer sciences.  Our facility supports a FEI (formerly Philips) Quanta 200 Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope and EDS attachment.  This is an interdisciplinary facility, servicing the entire University of Akron community and the surrounding northeastern Ohio region.

ESEM affords the user the ability to image wet, oily, dirty, uncoated specimens in their natural state, without the need for a high vacuum and electrical conductivity required by a conventional SEM.  ESEM technologies allow the sample to be exposed to a range of pressures, temperatures and gas compositions.  The tolerance of gases at pressures above 4.6 Torr allows saturated vapor pressures to be maintained at temperatures above freezing, thus allowing the presence of liquid water and precluding the need to dry specimens before imaging them.  An ESEM also allows the environment to be altered within the sample chamber, enabling the ESEM to serve as an experimental chamber, allowing direct visualization of dynamic processes.  An ESEM has the high resolution capability to obtain high quality images of uncoated, hydrated samples in a low-vacuum environment, opening a vast array of research opportunities, extending the capabilities of electron imaging to new frontiers.

Our facility is available to researchers from the Northeast Ohio area.  If you have a question about our ESEM and whether it will fulfill your imaging and analytical needs, please feel free to contact us.  We will be happy to answer any questions that you might have. This lab was created with the support of NSF EAR Grant 0320898.

This lab was created with the support of NSF EAR Grant 0320898.


  • Internal user rate without technician-$35/hr
  • Internal user rate with technician-$50/hr
  • External user rate without technician– $85/hr
  • External user rate with technician- $100/hr

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