Application Process

What exactly happens if you check the box  on your Graduate School application that says, “Yes, I would like to be considered for an assistantship”? Because the search and application processes may differ between departments, there may not be an exact answer to this question. It is important to know how to find an assistantship, apply, and search for other campus jobs on your own. 

Places to Find Assistantships

There are many places to find assistantships. Academic colleges and departments should have information on their website about their graduate assistantship search and application processes. In addition, you will find that several non-academic departments, such as the Department of Student Life, will offer graduate assistantships and post information on their websites.

Review the following websites for further information.

List of Graduate Programs

Colleges - Financial Resources

Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences
College of Business Administration
College of Education
College of Engineering
College of Health Professions
College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering

Co-curricular Resources

Industrial/Community Assistantship Program
Student Affairs Departments 

Other Resources

Graduate School Funding Opportunities
Office of Student Financial Aid


Ways to Apply

While the “Graduate Assistant Resource Center” blog provides a streamline search process, the University’s colleges and departments may have unique application processes and policies. It is important to contact your department for application information.