Graduate assistantships at The University of Akron are awarded to qualified students. The term, graduate assistant, applies to those students under contract supported by University funds or external funds administered through The University. Graduate assistants have varied duties, which may include full teaching responsibility for lower level courses, conducting discussion sections, supervising laboratories, assisting faculty with research or assisting departments in various ways.

These assistantships provide stipends of $6,000 to $18,000 plus remission of tuition and some fees and are available in all departments with graduate degree programs. These stipends are granted by the respective departments, which vary from one unit to the other. Please visit the Graduate School website for more information on Graduate Programs

For additional information, please refer to the Graduate Bulletin and contact the department chair or school director. Partial tuition scholarships may be available for first-time graduate students on a limited basis in some departments.


Payroll Services processes and distributes paychecks and tax information

Please check the payroll website for more info

Administrative Services Building (ASB) Room 112
185 E. Mill Street (Show on map)

Mailing address: 
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The University of Akron
Payroll Office
Akron, Ohio 44325-6210
General information: 330-972-7205
Fax: 330-972-6775


Information about payroll schedules include

Monthly Payroll Schedule
Biweekly Payroll Schedule
Federal/State withholding tax tables 2013
Instructions for December time-cards

Direct Deposit

All the information about your pay is supplied by the Payroll website

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How to sign up for Direct Deposit
Gaining access to your direct deposit statement
Instructions on how to read your pay stub