It is important to know what is expected once a graduate assistantship has been obtained. While assistantship responsibilities will greatly vary, there are several policies that are standard for all graduate assistantships. All graduate assistantships will be required to fill out paperwork, know the associated rules and regulations, and complete sexual harassment training. In addition, a graduate assistant may be required to participate in the Graduate School’s “online orientation”. 


As with all graduate assistantship requirements, many will differ from department to department. However, there are several required pieces of paperwork every graduate assistant must complete – a contract, I-9, DMA. 

Graduate School information on contracts and I-9

Graduate School information on I-9, DMA, and U.S. Department of State Terrorist Exclusion List 

For students to be paid in a timely manner, contracts should be received in the Graduate School a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the start date of the contract.

  • Contract Submission Deadline for the Fall Semester is August 2, 2013.
  • Contract Submission Deadline for the Spring Semester is December 15, 2013

Visit Graduate Assistant Contracts page for more information


The best way to know what is expected as a graduate assistant is to read the rules and regulations associated with the department, the college, and the University the job falls under. Below are links to the broadest examples of rules and regulations graduate students are responsible for understanding, the Graduate Assistant Handbook and the Student Code of Conduct.

Graduate Assistant Handbook

Student Judicial Affairs website

Student Code of Conduct


Refer to this website for more information

Online-Orientation for New Graduate Assistants

Sexual Harassment Training

It is required that every graduate assistant go through sexual harassment prevention training by their first semester.

Information and how to sign up