Graduate Bulletin

Mission and Vision 

The University of Akron, a publicly assisted metropolitan institution, strives to develop enlightened members of society. It offers comprehensive programs of instruction from associate through doctoral levels; pursues a vigorous agenda of research in the arts, sciences, and professions; and provides service to the community. The university pursues excellence in undergraduate education and distinction in selected areas of graduate instruction, inquiry, and creative activity.

Commitments and vision:

The University of Akron maintains a commitment to:

  • Provide learning opportunities for the full spectrum of students;
  • Create and discover knowledge through basic and applied research and creative activity;
  • Create a learning environment with emphasis on a full collegiate experience for each student, leading to opportunities for cognitive, social, and personal development;
  • Provide a forum for the examination of ideas and concepts and the generation of scholarly dialogue within the established principles of academic freedom;
  • Encourage opportunities for interdisciplinary study and research;
  • Strive for continued improvement of the teaching and learning environment;
  • Prepare career oriented people for professional leadership roles in regional, national, and international organizations and institutions; and

Offer appropriate educational and professional services to its various constituencies within available resources and established continuing education and outreach philosophies.

The University of Akron maintains a vision of:

  • Being a leading public urban research university with an unsurpassed commitment to community engagement with a great American legacy city, Akron;
  • Being an opportunity university for all types of learners;
  • Being known as a willing and constructive partner of business, government and the non-profit sector;
  • Being an institution of innovation willing to invest in unique approaches that increase opportunity for students and reduce costs;
  • Being a diverse and inclusive university. We will sponsor an array of superb academic programs relevant to the future;
  • Making and keeping promises to our students, ourselves and this community.