Domestic Admissions - Application Procedures

Each first-time application to the Graduate School must be accompanied by an application fee. The fee for domestic students is $45. The fee for domestic reapplications is $45.  The Graduate School must also receive an official transcript from each college or university attended before the application will be processed. This applies to the complete academic record, both undergraduate and graduate. Transcripts should be sent from the institutions attended directly to the Graduate School. The applicant is responsible for seeing that the above conditions are met by the deadlines for filing applications.

All records, including academic records from other institutions, become part of the official file and cannot be returned for any purpose. An offer of admission will normally be made to an applicant who meets all admission requirements. However, it must be recognized that staff, facilities and other resources are limited, so the number of students accepted will vary among departments and from term to term. An accepted applicant may begin graduate work in the fall, spring or summer semester. The offer of admission is void, however, if the applicant does not register for courses within one year from the time of admission. An individual whose offer of admission has lapsed must submit a new application to be reconsidered.

The student is admitted only for the purpose or objective stated on the application for admission. A new request for admission must be filed when the original objective has been attained or when the student wishes to change objectives. The admitted status terminates when the time limits have been exceeded or other conditions for continued admitted status have not been met.

No student will be admitted without approval and acceptance by a department within the University, but admission to a department does not necessarily imply admission to or candidacy for any graduate degree program in that department. The dean of the Graduate School can only grant admission for graduate study in any program.