Class of 2017: This new grad looks forward to career in politics

Nicholas Oblisk will be the student speaker at the Spring Commencement ceremony on Saturday, May 13, at 5:30 p.m. He is graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Emergency Management/Homeland Security in the College of Applied Science Technology.

Hometown: Stow, Ohio

High school: Stow-Munroe Falls High School (2012)

What’s next?

I am in the application process to become an Ohio State Highway Patrol Officer. Also, I am participating in an internship in the field of emergency management over the summer. As for my five-year outlook, I will return to The University of Akron to get a master’s degree in either public administration or business administration.

Q: What’s your ultimate career goal?

A: My goal is to become a politician. It is my belief that the polarized culture we live in is a result of an antiquated two-party system that fails most and benefits few. For this reason, we need to invest in electing officials who are issue oriented and not party oriented.

Q: How do you describe your Akron Experience?

A: My experience at The University of Akron has been one massive development process. I came into college an arrogant 18-year-old. I am leaving a much more seasoned, reasonable and rational person. College was a place where I experienced both pain and elation. The losses I have encountered taught me lessons of humility and mortality. Despite this, I have also flourished in many areas, becoming a happier, more well rounded person.

Q: What’s your advice to incoming freshmen?

A: College is going to humble you. Any success you have had prior to becoming an adult should be disregarded when you walk into college. I know that our generation is referred to as the “Participation Trophy Generation.” But, let it be known, college is tough. You will not get through a four-year degree program just by showing up. Learn how to study, learn how to manage your time, and learn how much partying is too much partying. Furthermore, know that your education is only as valuable as you make it to be. The more you invest in your education, the more your education will give back to you in the future. Consequently, I advise all new students to work hard from day one, and not fail a few times before choosing to succeed.