Mental Health

In the Fall of 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, GSG conducted a survey of graduate student mental health and well-being. Our results found that approximately two-thirds of all students surveyed met the threshold for at least mild-to-moderate depression and anxiety, with one-third of all students experiencing severe depression and anxiety.

Other key findings included that graduate students’ top stressors included their financial security, feeling overwhelmed by their student responsibilities, and struggling with finding a work-life balance. We at GSG contacted mental health experts at the university to conduct a virtual workshop with students in order to help students cope with graduate student-specific mental health concerns, and these workshops were recorded.

We encourage any graduate students who are feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed during their time in graduate school to use these resources as a starting point to seek additional support or find alternative ways to cope. We at GSG are here for you!

  • Depression in Graduate School, presented by Dr. Varunee Faii Sangganjanavanich, Ph.D., LPSS-S, from the University of Akron School of Counseling and College of Health and Human Sciences
  • How to Manage Anxiety in Graduate School, presented by Dr. Natacha Keramidas, from the University of Akron Counseling and Testing Center
  • Mental Health Resources at UA, presented by Marisa Norton, M.A. from the University of Akron Department of Psychology, Dr. Natacha Keramidas from the Counseling and Testing Center, Taylor L. Sminchak, M.Ed., Coordinator of Outreach for ZipAssist, and Rick Maroon, Director, The University of Akron Clinic for Individual & Family Counseling
  • Stress in Graduate School, presented by Dr. Tania Lodge from the University of Akron Department of Psychology and the Clinical Director of the Minority Behavioral Health Group in Akron

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