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The University of Akron Marching Band performs on campus as part of a celebration.

Akron Guarantee Scholarship

The Akron Guarantee Scholarship guarantees the yearly renewal of your scholarship so long as you make progress toward a degree, and it also offers even greater financial support through automatic yearly upgrades.

The Akron Guarantee Scholarship includes an initial award of $500 to $6,500, and it increases as you earn credits.

Graduate on time with less debt!

Student who earned the Akron Guarantee Scholarship to lower the cost of collegeThe Akron Guarantee Scholarship helps you graduate in four years with less debt!

The scholarship:

  • provides a larger, total eight-semester scholarship than a traditional scholarship,
  • starts with an initial award of $500 to $6,500,
  • guarantees the annual renewal of your scholarship if you continue to make progress toward a degree, and
  • includes automatic scholarship upgrades as you earn 30, 60 and 90 credits.

No application required! We use information on admissions applications to determine recipients.


We are happy to help! Call our Office of Admissions at 330-972-7100 or 1-800-655-4884 or write to

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