About the project

Hail We Akron! is designed to produce at least three forms of publication to commemorate UA’s 150th year:

  1. A coffee-table book, like UA Press’s Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens
  2. A less expensive paperback
  3. A curated website

Other products may include University news releases; specialized free-standing volumes; web-published links by departments; web-published stories sent to specific groups such as alumni or donors or Zip Athletic Club members.

We conceive the project to be graphically rich: visual, more pictures, images, word clouds, and data-driven fact-compilations than prose.

All aspects of the project are curated, like “Letters to the Editor” in most local newspapers. Submissions must come through this website and be signed and may be edited or excerpted for one or another of the forms of publication.

Submissions should be honest, fact-based, heart-felt, and accompanied by images. Observe a limit of 250 words unless you’ve checked an idea with one of the editors.

Final publication will be approved by The University of Akron Press upon the recommendations of the editorial team of Auburn, Fleischer, Kern, and Troutman.

Our ten organizing themes are:

  • Academics
  • Arts
  • Athletics
  • Leadership
  • How We Communicated
  • Social Life
  • Student Workplaces
  • Research and Tech Transfer
  • The Campus
  • Town and Gown Relations