Looking for an Idea?

What was your best co-op or on-campus job?

Who was your favorite advisor?

Who was your favorite professor?

What was the most exciting sports contest you attended at UA?

How did you balance work and study commitments?

What was the worst day of your time on the Hilltop?

How did you meet your spouse at UA?

Why did you establish that scholarship or endowment?

What does UA mean to your business?

Who was the best UA graduate you hired?

Where were you on 9/11? May 4, 1970? April 4, 1968? The day President Reagan was shot?

What did you do at E. J. Thomas? Graduate from high school? Attend rock concerts? Attend Broadway musicals? Attend lectures? Graduate from UA yourself, or see your family members graduate there?

Did you participate in intercollegiate athletics? Or intramurals?

Did you belong to a sorority or fraternity? To Student Government? Residence Hall Board?

Did you perform on campus in music, dance, theatre, speech forensics?

Where was your favorite place to study on campus?

What do you recall about “Institutions in the United States”? “Western Culture”? “Senior Seminar”? “Eastern Civilizations”? “Effective Speaking”?

What was your favorite off-campus hang-out? First bar?

Where did you buy your groceries?

What’s the best thing about campus food services?

Where did you park? What is your favorite story about finding a parking space?

What aspect of your university experience most influenced your life?

If you were a participant in the Sixty Plus program, discuss your experiences.

Slide rule or pocket calculator?

What was the “flunk out” course in your major, and how did you manage to pass it?

What required course did you put off the longest?

How did you get your grades?

How did you talk to your parents or other loved ones with whom you did not live?

If you are not the first in your family to attend UA, how many others did and when?

If you are a parent, how do you communicate with your students?

Did you take a televised course? Have you taken an online course?

If you are a teacher, compare and contrast classroom delivery expectations from chalkboards to Power Point.

How did UA help open up opportunities for you to travel as a student or an alum?

What surprised you the most about coming to the university?

What was your worst day ever on campus, and why?

If you taught as an adjunct at UA, please tell us about your experience.

What was your greatest challenge at UA, and how did you overcome it?

What do you remember about one of the persons who provide vital services on campus—the police, the maintenance workers, food service, secretaries, clerks?

What did you learn from the first person to be a roommate when you were a student?