IT Security

Security Reporting

The University of Akron will never e-mail you and ask you to disclose or verify your UA password. If you receive a suspicious e-mail with a link to update your account information, do not click on the link--instead, report the e-mail to The University of Akron for investigation.

Report any incident that you feel is a violation of the University of Akron’s acceptable use policy or an information security issue involving a subject or system of the University of Akron.

Before you report this incident please review the following points:

  • If the incident involves electronic harassment and/or you fear for your physical safety, please contact campus police (330.972.2911) or your local police department.
  • For Personally Identifiable Information (PII) please use the Security Incident Response plan for reporting this type of sensitive data 
  • Time maybe critical, please report the incident as soon as possible.

To report an incident, send email describing the event to

Please include the following:

Security Basics
Security FAQ
Security Awareness
Reporting a Security Incident
Security Tools
Advisories & Warnings
About Phishing

Contact Information

(330) 972-6888