Robert W. Little Fellowship in History

The Robert W. Little Graduate Fellowship in History is a competitive annual fellowship that awards an advanced Ph.D. candidate in the Department of History one year's funding for dissertation research and writing.

Applying for the Little Fellowship

The Little Graduate Fellowship is intended to provide support to Ph.D. candidates who have already made progress toward completing the dissertation.

The application deadline for the 2022-2023 Little Fellowship is Monday March 14, 2022.

Candidate Criteria:

  • Completed all coursework
  • Passed all comprehensive exams
  • Has met the two foreign language requirements or will complete them by August 2021 at the latest.
  • Has an approved dissertation prospectus

Application Materials (Submitted as pdf files):

  • Applicants must submit a letter of application to the graduate committee. The letter must address the four points (particularly 2-4) above and must present an outline of the work plan and goals that the candidate has for the fellowship year (such as research, compilation/analysis of primary source material, and/or writing—number of chapters).
  • Copy of the approved dissertation prospectus
  • Two letters of recommendation: one letter must come from the primary faculty mentor and one from another faculty member

Expectations of the Little Fellow:

  • The successful candidate will be expected to devote herself or himself full-time (i.e. no teaching except during summer) to their dissertation during the 2022-23 academic year.
  • The Little Fellow will be expected to enroll in one credit of dissertation research each semester, paid out of the stipend.
  • Fellows will demonstrate the progress made on the dissertation, by emailing the Graduate Director a two-page interim report (due on December 1, 2022) detailing the specific research/writing goals achieved during the fall semester. This report will be used as the basis to disburse the fellowship payment for the spring semester.
  • By May 1, 2023, the Little Fellow will submit (via email) to the Graduate Director a second two- page report, summarizing the progress made in the dissertation during the spring semester.

More Information

Fellowship Administrator:

Prof. Martha Santos
Department of History
(330) 972-2686

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