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Future of Accreditation

The Higher Learning Commission
has introduced the Pathways
model that will change future
reaffirmation processes.

Learn more about the
Pathways model.

Accredited - Higher Learning Commission North Central Association

Self-Study Writing Teams

The HLC Self-Study Steering Committee has recently formed writing teams to address the five areas of self-assessment. 

Criterion One: Mission

  • Team Leader: Julie Burdick, assistant vice president, Office of Academic Affairs
  • Thomas Calderon, professor, Accounting
  • Elaine Fisher, professor, Nursing
  • Bridgie Ford, professor, Curricular & Instructional Studies
  • Ali Hajjafar, professor, Mathematics
  • Peter Leahy, senior research associate, IBSR
  • Jim Slowiak, professor; Dance, Theatre & Arts Administration

Criterion Two: Ethical and Responsible Conduct

  • Team Leader: Elizabeth Reilly, Emeritus Professor, School of Law
  • Dale Adams, assistant director, Student Judicial Affairs
  • Frank Bove, associate professor, University Libraries Electronic Services
  • Kate Clark, associate professor, Communication
  • Carolyn Dessin, professor, Law
  • Paul Herold, assistant secretary, Board of Trustees
  • Eric Kreider, application services technical lead, Application Systems Services
  • Katie Watkins-Wendell, director, Research Services and Sponsored Programs
  • Stephanie Woods, professor, Nursing

Criterion Three: Teaching and Learning - Quality, Resources, and Support

  • Team Leader: Stacey Moore, associate vice president, Student Affairs
  • Janet Bean, associate professor, English
  • Annie Hanson, manager continuing education and outreach, College of Engineering
  • Shari Laster, assistant professor, University Libraries Research & Learning Services
  • John Messina, assistant vice president, Residence Life & Housing
  • Laura Monroe, coordinator writing lab, Student Academic Success
  • Georgia Peeples, professor, Music
  • Linda Saliga, associate professor, Mathematics
  • John Savery, director, Instructional Services
  • Bill Torgler, assistant director, Academic Advisement Center for Campus Outreach and Development
  • Naomi White, assistant professor, Social Work

Criterion Four: Teaching and Learning - Evaluation and Improvement

  • Team Leader: Linda Subich, associate dean and professor, Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences
  • Sabrina Andrews, director, Institutional Research
  • Joan Carletta, associate professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Elizabeth Kennedy, professor, Associate Studies
  • Timothy Matney, professor, Anthropology and Classical Studies
  • Susan Olson, associate dean, Education
  • Adam Smith, assistant vice president for student success, Center for Student Success
  • Mark Tausig, associate dean, Graduate School
  • Don Visco, associate dean, Engineering
  • Stephen Weeks, professor, Biology

Criterion Five: Resources, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness

  • Team Leader: Harvey Sterns, professor, Psychology
  • Stephen Brooks, associate professor, Political Science
  • Elizabeth Erickson, associate professor, Economics
  • Amber Hunt, position management analyst senior, Resource Analysis and Budgeting
  • William Jordan, associate dean, School of Law
  • Anne Jorgensen, associate athletic director, Student Athlete Academic Services
  • John Kline, library cataloging specialist, University Libraries
  • Timothy Lillie, associate professor, Curricular & Instructional Studies
  • Emeka Ofobike, associate professor, Accounting