Honors Academy for College Credit Plus Students

Program Overview

Membership into the program is relatively small in order to foster a sense of community and group interaction among a select group of students. The Honors Academy is tailored toward students entering their senior year of high school, although exceptional juniors will also be considered.

The curriculum for Honors Academy students is primarily completed at The University of Akron main campus.  With assistance from the Honors Academy coordinator and academic advisors, students are assisted with selecting classes and are encouraged to register for classes at the same time as other members to build friendships and peer support.

In addition, one major advantage of the Honors Academy is that students are given priority registration, ensuring that they will be able to enroll in their first choice of classes.  Students are encouraged to take Honors sections of courses, but may also enroll in elective academic subjects (for a total of 12 to 15 credits) in their areas of interest.

Students are given the opportunity to participate in many extra-curricular activities on campus with permission from the Coordinator of College Credit Plus.  Honors Academy students may NOT participate in athletics, speech and debate, or in social fraternities or sororities.

Members are given 24 hour access to the academic wing of the Honors Complex at The University of Akron, which includes the 24-hour Honors Computer Lab, the large two-story Honors Common Room, two seminar classrooms, and one large classroom.

Honors Academy for College Credit Plus- Application Process

The Honors Academy for College Credit Plus students welcomes applications from all self-challenging, highly motivated, and high achieving learners who have demonstrated their abilities to excel.  The electronic application through the form listed below is preferred.

Application Guidelines: Students must satisfy the following criteria in order to be admitted into the Honors Academy: 

  • High school cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.50
  • ACT composite score of at least 27, or SAT combined score of at least 1210

    Special Circumstances: If you have not met all of the above standards, you should include an explanation when submitting the HAPS Application Essay.

    Test Scores: Your highest ACT/SAT composite test score is the one considered for your application.  If your test score is not as high as you wish, we recommend taking it again.

    General CCP Application: A Honors Academy application is separate from the general College Credit Plus application.  Applicants should complete the CCP application prior to submitting an Honors Academy application.

    Recommendation Letter: A recommendation letter is strongly encouraged but not generally required.  The recommendation letter is required of an applicant whose ACT composite score is less than 27.  Download the recommendation form.

To clarify your qualifications or check on your application, please contact the Honors Academy Coordinator via phone at 330-972-8370 or by email.

Honors Academy for College Credit Plus Students -Online Application

The application deadline for acceptance into the Honors Academy is August 1st for the Fall semester and December 31st for the Spring semester.

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*Highest composite ACT and/or SAT (Math+Verbal+CR) score to date.  (Complete at least one field.):
State month and year of any plans to retake ACT/SAT:

 High School Information:

* Name and location of applicant's high school:

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*High School Counselor's Last Name:

List any previous or current post-secondary study (if applicable).  Name each college or university where the post-secondary study occurred:

*Semester & Year you wish to enter HAPS (Ex: Fall 2010 or Spring 2011):

Number of intended credits for the fall/spring semester at The University of Akron:



*Please complete a carefully constructed essay on the topic: Discuss anything you wish you understood better than you do now, before electronically submitting your application.

Your essay should be between 500-1000 words.

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You may choose to "paste" your answer into the box below, but your answer must be in either ".txt" (Text Only) or "doc"(Microsoft Word) format. Other formats may cause formatting errors and may slow or prevent the processing of your application to the Honors Academy for Post-Secondary Students.


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