Honors Complex Academic Wing

The Academic wing of the new Honors Complex has a cluster of facilities specifically for use by Honors students. These facilities include three seminar classrooms (082, 083, and 183), the large classroom (092), the Honors Computer Lab, and the large two-story Honors Common Room. These facilities are available to all Honors students, both residents of the Honors Complex and commuting Honors students. Both north end entrances to the Complex are always open to all Honors students via Zip Card.

The Computer Lab has fifteen 2.8gHz pc's and high-speed internet connections. Some of the computers include special software for use by students, and there are information sheets taped to the tables for those machines. There is plenty of space to spread out, and to work with other Honors students on projects. There is a large white board on one wall to facilitate discussions!

The Colloquia Classroom and Seminar Rooms are used regularly by Honors classes. These rooms also serve well for studying when not being used for classes, whether that be during the day or in the evening.

The beautiful, two-story Common Room is set up in "living room" mode as the default setting, but one hundred additional stackable chairs may be easily set up for special events. Planned for fall, 2005, are multimedia access, a sound system, and a DVD player. Honors students may schedule the Common Room for special events by contacting the Honors Office. Commuting Honors students should consider this as a "home base", especially with the available kitchen facilities.