Each honors student is assigned an Honors Faculty Advisor, who is a faculty member specializing in the honors student's major field of study. Unless the student makes a change of major, this faculty member is THE faculty member offering academic advice to an honors student. Every attempt is made to connect a new student with his/her Honors Faculty Advisor starting with the student's initial university orientation. Individual academic advising is provided by the Honors Faculty Advisor, who helps the student with course selection and provides guidance on the shaping of a career. A complete list of Honors Faculty Advisors is given below.
Your Honors Faculty Advisor is there to orient you to your major and to the University Honors Program. He/she can advise you on program or degree requirements and options or opportunities in both academic and professional settings. The Honors Faculty Advisor is one of the officials who signs your list of courses for the honors distribution requirement, the Honors Project proposal, and the Honors Project itself.

A list of Honors Faculty Advisors for each major are listed below:

Anthropology & Archaeology Dr. Michael Shott Ext. 6890 Olin 237C +1910


Katie Timperio Ext. 6030 Folk 103C +7801

Art Research Projects

Dr. Elisha Dumser Ext. 8063 Folk 172 +7801
Biology Dr. Jim Holda Ext. 5116 ASC 315B +3908
Chemistry Dr. Claire Tessier Ext. 5304 KNCL 204 +3601
Child/Family Development Dr. Pam Schulze Ext. 7725 CAS 400B +6103
Classical Studies Dr. Michael Shott Ext. 6890 Olin 237C +1910
Communication Dr. Kathleen Clark Ext. 7485 Kolbe 110D +1003
Computer Science Dr. Tim O'Neil Ext. 6492 CAS 239 +4002
Dance Cydney Spohn Ext. 8465 GH 398J +2502
Economics Dr. Elizabeth Erickson Ext. 7973 CAS 441 +1908
English Dr. Heather Braun Ext. 6243 Olin 353 +1906

Fashion Design

Dr. Sandra Buckland Ext. 8090 SHS 215L +6103
Geography Dr. Linda Barrett Ext. 6120 Carroll 405B +5005
Geology Dr. John Peck Ext. 7659 Crouse 126 +4101
History Dr. Michael Levin Ext. 7515 CAS 206B +1902
Interior Design Julie Whitmore Ext. 7864 SHS 215S +6103
Mathematics Dr. Curt Clemons Ext. 8358 CAS 267 +4002
Modern Languages Dr. Nena Roy Ext. 5874 Olin 310 +1907
Music Joseph Minocchi Ext. 5865 GH 254 +1002
Philosophy Dr. Priscila Sakezles Ext 5242 Olin 235A +1903
Physics Dr. Robert Mallik Ext. 7145 Ayer 247 +4001
Political Science Dr. Ron Gelleny Ext. 7406 Olin 206 +1904


Dr. Kevin Kaut Ext. 2196 CAS 363 +4301
Sociology Dr. Rebecca Erickson Ext. 5157 Olin 247H +1905
Statistics Dr. Richard Einsporn Ext. 8007 CAS 115K +1913
Teacher Education (FCS)
Theatre Arts Mr. Adel Migid-Hamzza Ext. 6082 GH 255 +1005

Business (General) CBA Advising Center Ext. 7042 CBA 260 +4805
General Advising         Sarah Hoge Ext. 8331 Pol 302Z +6501
General Advising Dee Dee Pitts Ext. 5326 Pol 301 +6501
Early Child Education    Dr. Lynn Kline Ext. 6150 CenHow 309Z +4205
Integrated Language Arts Dr. Hal Foster Ext. 6971
Integrated Social Studies
Integrated Math/Science Dr. Lynne Pachnowski Ext. 7115 CeHow 318A +4201
Middle Level Education Dr. Denise Stuart Ext. 8468 CenHow 309M +4201
Physical Education  Dr. Victor Pinheiro Ext. 6055 ICS 317 +5103
Special Education  Dr. Timothy Lillie Ext. 6746 CenHow 315F +4205
General Advising Kevin Tondra Ext. 8593 CenHow 303C
Aerospace Engineering Dr. Jerry Drummond Ext. 6899 ASEC 108B +3903
Aerospace Engineering Dr. Nicholas Garafolo Ext. 3648 ASEC 422B +3903
Biomedical Engineering Dr. Mary Verstraete Ext. 7691 ASEC 275A +0302

Dr. Lingyun Liu

Ext. 6187

Whit 406

Chemical Engineering

Dr. H. Michael Cheung

 Ext. 7282

Whit 211


Dr. Bi-Min Newby

 Ext. 2510

Whit 101A

Civil Engineering Dr. Ala Abbas Ext. 8242 ASEC 209D +3905
Computer Engineering Dr. Joan Carletta Ext. 5993 ASEC 261 +3904
Corrosion Engineering Dr. Hongbo Cong Ext. 8491 Whit 213C +3906
Electrical Engineering Dr. Robert Veillette Ext. 5403 ASEC 457 +3904
Mechanical Engineering Dr. Jerry Drummond Ext. 6899 ASEC 108B +3903
Mechanical Engineering Dr. Dane Quinn Ext. 6302 ASEC 313B +3903
Dr. Celal Batur Ext. 8698 ASEC 313 +3903
Dr. Gaurav Mittal Ext. 8672 ASEC 115 +3903
Engineering Undecided Dr. Donald Visco Ext. 7930 ASEC 203E +3901
Athletic Training Mrs. Stacey Buser Ext. 7475 ICS 317


Child Life Specialist Ms. Rose Resler Ext. 8040 SHS 215R


Dietetics Christin Seher Ext. 6322 SHS 210K


Exercise Science: Physiological

Sciences & Pre-PT

Rachele Kappler Ext. 6524 ICS 307F


Exercise Science: Sport Science/

Sports Mngmt/ Sports Medicine

Dr. Alan Kornspan Ext. 8145 ICS 307B


Nursing                            Don Canary                 Ext. 2512 MGH 313  


Social Work Michele Thornton Ext. 8195 POL 411D


Speech Pathology/Audiology Nancy Harris Ext. 6017 POL 184C


Undeclared                        Shad Stinson       Ext. 7231 Honors 178 +1803