Each honors student is assigned an Honors Faculty Advisor, who is a faculty member specializing in the honors student's major field of study. Unless the student makes a change of major, this faculty member is the faculty member offering academic advice to an honors student.

Every attempt is made to connect a new student with his/her Honors Faculty Advisor starting with the student's initial university orientation. Individual academic advising is provided by the Honors Faculty Advisor, who helps the student with course selection and provides guidance on the shaping of a career. A complete list of Honors Faculty Advisors is given below.

Your Honors Faculty Advisor is there to orient you to your major and to the University Honors Program. He/she can advise you on program or degree requirements and options or opportunities in both academic and professional settings.

The Honors Faculty Advisor is one of the officials who signs your list of courses for the honors distribution requirement, the Honors Project proposal, and the Honors Project itself.

For enrolled students, identify your advisor.