Curriculum- Frequently Asked Questions

Choose one of the following topics:

1) Frequently Asked Questions about the Honors College

2) Frequently Asked Questions about the Honors Research Project


1) Frequently Asked Questions about the Honors College

  • What is so special about being in the Honors College?
  • Some say that I will not have a life once I get into the Honors College and that it will be too hard. Is that true?
  • What are the requirements to remain in the Honors College?
  • To graduate with honors, what requirements must I fulfill?
  • If I have a friend who is currently not in the Honors College and would like to apply, what should he or she do?


What are the requirements of retaining an Honors scholarship or for remaining in the Honors College?

There are gpa and some course requirements for each of these cases.

For Honors scholarship retention, the gpa requirement is on a sliding scale. The cumulative gpa should be 3.25 after two semesters of study (or at least 32 credits toward graduation), 3.30 after four semesters of study (or at least 64 credits toward graduation), 3.40 after six semesters of study (or at least 96 credits toward graduation). The sliding scale for the gpa allows students time to find a major they like and become established in it. Also, the Honors Research Project proposal must be submitted by the 14th week of the semester in which you attain 96 or more credits.

For remaining in the Honors College, a student must maintain a cumulative grade- point average of at least a 3.0 overall and a 2.0 in any semester in order to maintain status in the Honors College.  Students who do not meet these requirements are candidates for dismissal from the Honors College.

Students that are dismissed from the Honors College lose the rights and privileges associated with the Honors College.  At the time of dismissal students are given an option to remain with the Honors Distribution (less any remaining Honors Colloquia and the Honors Research Project) or to follow the General Education requirements. Students who raise their grade-point average to a 3.0 or higher are eligible for readmission to the Honors College, but previously awarded Honors College scholarships will not be reinstated.

While completing your major and college requirements, an honors student files a Honors Research Project proposal at least by the end of their junior year, registers for the Honors Research Project in the senior year, and completes the honors distribution requirements before graduation.