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While the SOuRCe assists student organizations with the management of their account(s), it is the responsibility of the organization to be aware of their current account balance.

  • For any overdrafts incurred by the organization, it will be their responsibility to deposit the funds into their account in order to bring it to a zero or positive balance.
  • Failure to do so by the organization may result in suspension of the organization until the issue is resolved, and/or a referral to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.

All officially recognized student organizations must re-register each academic year.

  • The steps to renewing annual registration will be shared by the SOuRCe each spring semester - the annual registration process takes place over the summer and into the fall semester.
  • Registration must be completed by the end of the second week in September.
    • If registration expires and an organization has not completed the necessary steps, all privileges are forfeited until registration is completed. 
    • Upon completion of registration, privileges will be reinstated.
  • Organizations that fail to register for two consecutive years will lose their status as a recognized student organization and will be required to go through the New Student Organization Recognition process. Any funding remaining in the organization’s SAF account after two years will be forfeited.

In order to renew registration on RooConnect, the organization representative must be an officer and have “administrator” rights to the group’s portal. 

References in this manual to business days are defined as Monday-Friday excluding University holidays or other days when the University is closed for business (ex. Due to inclement weather).

In order to be considered officially registered and recognized, all student organizations must have a functioning Campus Advisor.

  • To qualify as the Campus Advisor, the individual must have a classification of full-time faculty or contract professional at The University of Akron.
  • Student organizations cannot limit their Campus Advisor requirements (stated in the organization constitution) to a person who represents a specific interest, discipline, academic area, etc.
  • Organizations may utilize the talent and skills of professionals on campus to benefit their organization as they see fit. However, please note that only one person can be denoted as the official advisor to the group.
  • The SOuRCe will conduct an annual Campus Advisor Audit. Organizations utilizing a Campus Advisor that has not met these classifications will have a pre-determined time period to arrange a new Advisor.
  • Final approval of the Campus Advisor will rest with the Department of Student Life.

If an organization wishes to change their Campus Advisor, the group must do so within the parameters set forth in the group’s Constitution and the SOuRCe.

For all registered student organizations, the SOuRCe provides the service of depositing and managing student organization accounts.

  1. To deposit funds into an account, the student organization representative simply needs to complete a Deposit Sheet or Donation Sheet. 
    1. A donation differs in that it is money that is not fundraised by the organization itself, rather, it is a money gift given to the organization by an individual or group.

  2. This document, and the cash/checks to be donated, can be brought to the SOuRCe during normal business hours. 
    1. Deposits should be made to the SOuRCe no later than 1 business day following the collection of funds.

  3. Deposits take approximately five (5) business days to process and show on an organization’s SAF account.

  4. Deposits for student organizations are not permitted to be processed directly to the Cashier’s Office; they first come through the SOuRCe.

Financial support (UAF/EAF) for registered student organizations comes from the General Service Fee.

The General Service Fee is paid for by students taking credit courses and provides funds that support student activities and services, including:

  • the health professionals in Student Health Services
  • intramurals
  • UA-recognized student organizations
  • intercollegiate athletics
  • other co-curricular activities

In order to be considered an active member of a student organization, the student must be in Good Standing with the University of Akron.

The definition of Good Standing implies that:

  • Student must have at least a 2.0 GPA.
  • Must be clear of academic probation or suspension.
  • Must be clear of disciplinary probation or suspension.
  • Must be clear of unsatisfied financial obligations to the university.
  • Must be in good standing as defined by the student's academic college or program.

In order to be considered an active member of a student organization, the student must be in Good Standing with the University of Akron.

The definition of Good Standing implies that:

  • Student must have at least a 3.0 GPA [Law: 2.0 GPA].
  • Must be clear of academic probation or suspension.
  • Must be clear of disciplinary probation or suspension.
  • Must be clear of unsatisfied financial obligations to the university.
  • Must be in good standing as defined by the student's academic college or program.


As indicated in the Recognition Agreement for organizations:

  • Student organizations cannot discriminate against any individual in its programs, membership, or activities at the university of Akron because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national or ethnic origin, disability, military status, genetic information, or status as a veteran, unless federal or state laws allow for such exceptions. The University of Akron prohibits sexual harassment of any form in all aspects of its programs and activities and prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual and racial or ethnic orientation. See UA Board Rule 3359-38-01.
  • In addition, membership is intended only for University of Akron students which are enrolled in credit baring classes and are deemed in Good Standing with the University. Students enrolled in the Sixty-Plus (60+) Program have the opportunity to audit credit classes on a space-available basis. Auditing allows students to enroll in courses, but college credit is not awarded.
    • Since these students do not take credit baring courses, they are not eligible to partake in student organizations on campus (see General Service Fee).
  • Students enrolled in the postsecondary program at the University are provided the opportunity to enroll in a college or university to earn both college and high school credit.
    • Though these students pay certain aspects of student fees, they are not eligible to partake in students organizations on campus - this policy is in place due to liability and risk management concerns.

As organizations change advisors, officers, or guiding documents, they are required to update their information with the SOuRCe.  It is the organization’s responsibility to ensure that the most up-to-date information is on file within “Settings” in RooConnect.

  • It is required that organizations update their list of officers as changes occur throughout the semester.
  • All organizations must utilize the constitution template and membership roster template provided by the SOuRCe.
    • Failure to submit correct document forms will result in an incomplete registration.

Active [Registered] & Recognized: Registration has been fully completed for the academic year.

Inactive: Organizations that did not complete all the registration requirements for the academic year but do wish to re-register in the near future.

    • Often due to officer turnover or miscommunication, these groups miss the deadline but intend to re-register in the near future.
    • These groups are still considered “recognized” during this time, however they are “unregistrered” until all updates are made in RooConnect and attendance at a leadership retreat (per the offerings of their classification – Law, Club Sports, FSL, Student Life).

Unregistered & Non-Recongized: Organizations that have not been recongized on campus or are no longer within the two year window to do so.                   

    • In order to be considered active/registered on campus, these organizations must go through the New Student Organization process with the SOuRCe.

Privileges and resources shall be available to officially recognized student organizations currently registered with the Department of Student Life, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Eligibility to apply for funding through the Undergraduate/Extracurricular Activities Fund (UAF/EAF) and/or contingency funding process.
  • Ability to deposit/spend SAF funds.
  • Use of Jean Hower Taber Student Union and campus facilities (i.e., meeting rooms and concourse tables).
  • Participation in all campus events such as Homecoming (eligibility to nominate candidates for Homecoming King and Queen), LIFE awards, RooFest, Involvement Fairs, etc.
  • Participation in available educational and developmental student organization programs and workshops as provided by the SOuRCe.
  • Use of The University of Akron name, trademark, and logo, per University policy with written approval.
  • Limited insurance coverage as an official University organization.
  • Access to a RooConnect account.
  • Access to a University issued VISA card.

In order to utilize funds from any of their accounts (UAF/EAF/SAF), student organizations are required to complete a Student Organization Request Form (SORF) detailing their desired purchases following the requirements set forth by the SOuRCe staff.

  • Each SORF submission must contain an original advisor signature (forged, photo copied or duplicated signatures will not be accepted)
    • This shows that your Campus Advisor is knowledgeable of your intention to utilize funds and approves your expenses.

The SORF and all supporting documentation for each organization expense/purchase will be kept on file in the student organizations’ file folder maintained by the Student Organizations Financial Specialist. 

All student organizations should be aware that The University of Akron will not support the recognition of organizations that:

  • Utilize behavior modification techniques, mind control techniques and similar forms of coercive behavior.
  • Does not permit or limits free speech, self-criticism and the right to leave the organization without penalty.
  • Impairs, makes captive or destroys an individual's freedom of thought through physical stress or subtle or covert techniques.
  • Refuses to reveal and explain if requested, the organization's financial structure and support.