Criminal background checks
for potential employees

The University of Akron is committed to providing a safe environment by protecting the health, welfare and safety of all students, employees and visitors to our campus. As such, the University conducts pre-employment background checks for all applicants selected for employment. This policy shall apply, without limitation, to all individuals selected during the hiring process for full and part-time faculty, contract professional and staff positions. It is a condition of employment that all such individuals submit to the criminal background check procedures.

Effective 8/12/2009, The University of Akron's Board of Trustees approved Rule #3359-11-22 implementing criminal background checks on all potential University employees. 

The protocol and means by which criminal background checks will be performed are:

  • Background checks are performed once a preferred candidate has been selected for employment.
  • All offers of employment will be contingent upon successful completion of criminal background investigation.
  • The applicant is required to provide a written release to authorize the criminal background investigation using an approved university form.
  • If the candidate has lived in the state of Ohio for the past five consecutive years, a state of Ohio criminal background check will be conducted through the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI&I). If the candidate has not lived in the state of Ohio for the past five consecutive years, a federal criminal background check will be conducted through the BCI&I in addition to the Ohio criminal background check. Certain positions at The University of Akron, if required by law or contract, will be subject to both state of Ohio and federal criminal background check regardless of length of residence in Ohio.
  • If a candidate selected for an interview resides outside the state of Ohio, The University of Akron may also conduct a criminal background check of candidates for employment prior to the interview process.
  • Applicants will be asked to submit fingerprints and may be required by the law enforcement agency conducting the criminal background check to provide additional information which is needed by the law enforcement agency for purposes of conducting the criminal background check.
  • The hiring department will be responsible for all fees associated with the criminal background check. (The current cost of criminal background check is $29 for Ohio and $31 for Federal. These costs are subject to change.)

In accordance with federal and state laws, a previous conviction will not automatically disqualify an applicant from consideration for employment. Each applicant identified with a criminal conviction will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The following factors will be considered for those applicants with a criminal conviction history in determining whether to extend an offer of employment:

  1. The nature or gravity of the offense(s); and
  2. The time since the conviction and/or completion of sentence; and
  3. The nature of the job held or sought.

The Process

Faculty positions — Hiring departments make a contingent offer of employment when the final candidate is identified. Once the verbal offer has been accepted, it is the responsibility of the hiring department to coordinate with HR Operations & Employment for the completion of the background check.

Staff and Contract Professional positions — HR Operations & Employment will make a contingent offer of employment when the final candidate is identified.

HR Operations & Employment will schedule an appointment for the candidate to complete a Criminal Background Check Authorization form.  Once completed, the candidate will report to The University of Akron Police Department to have the background check completed.

The University Police will send a report to HR Operations & Employment for review.  If necessary, the report will be reviewed with the Associate and/or Assistant Vice President, Human Resources. 

If you have any further questions please contact HR Operations and Employment at ext. 7096.