PAFs for hire or rehire

What are PAFs? Personnel Action Forms are used to initiate employee hire/rehire actions. 

To hire full-time faculty, full-time and part-time contract professionals and full-time and part-time staff

Hire-rehire PAF - This PAF is used for full-time faculty, full-time and part-time contract professional and full-time and part-time staff appointments. 

To hire part-time faculty

For information on hiring/rehiring part-time faculty, please visit the part-time faculty webpage.

Forms to be completed by new employee at hire


In accordance with the law, the following forms must be distributed to  all newly hired employees prior to employment at the University of Akron.  Please complete and return to Human Resources at +4704.  You do not need to complete these forms if you have worked for The University of Akron within the last 13 months. 

Benefits Administration will contact full-time employees to complete additional forms.

  1. I-9 Form 
    I-9 Paper Version - This version is unfillable and must be printed for completion on paper only.
    *I-9 Help is located on the right side of this page.
  2. SSA-1945
  3. Voluntary Self-Identification of a Disability - Form CC-305
  4. Personnel Profile

Part-time employee orientation packet

All hiring forms for part-time employees are contained in the following packet: