A Hiring Process Manager (HPM) part-time faculty online training course and job aids are located on the Training Materials website

The Hiring Process Manager (HPM) for Part-time Faculty New Hires & Reappointment Process online course is currently being revised, but still provides a step-by-step look at the hiring & reappointment process for part-time faculty. 

The New Hire Process for Part-time Faculty - Job Aid and the Part-time Reappointment Process - Job Aid have been updated to include the changes in the part-time faculty processes.

New Hire Process for Part-time Faculty - Job Aid provides a step-by-step look at the hiring process for Part-time faculty.
Course Rank and Rate form is used to receive approval for the courses, credentials and rate of pay for Part-time Faculty.

Offer Letter Template Please use for all Part-time Faculty job offers

Part-time Faculty Reappointment Process - Job Aid provides a step-by-step look at the reappointment process for Part-time Faculty.

Part-time Teaching/Summer Session PAF

The Part-time Teaching/Summer Session PAF is now used for:

  • Promotions
  • Odd Date Assignments (payments for activity that does not span the full Fall semester, full Spring semester, or summer session dates)
  • All Non-teaching Assignments (research, administrative)
  • Amendments to Fall, Spring and Summer Assignments (data changes)

Instructions for Part-time Teaching/Summer Sessions PAF

Processing Odd Date Assignments

Odd Date Calendar

Sample PAFs

All newly hired Part-time Faculty, as well as those employees separated from the University for more than 12 months must complete the forms in the Hiring Forms Packet.

If a Part-time Faculty member is teaching in more than one department/college or has other University employment, please submit the completed Notification of Other University Assignments form to the Dean's Office associated with the department/college of the secondary teaching assignment.

The Reasonable Assurance Memo must be distributed prior to the end of the current semester.  Review the Reasonable Assurance Policy Information for additional information.