A Hiring Process Manager (HPM) part-time faculty online training course and job aids are located on the Training Materials website

The Hiring Process Manager (HPM) for Part-time Faculty New Hires & Reappointment Process online course is currently being revised, but still provides a step-by-step look at the hiring & reappointment process for part-time faculty. 

The New Hire Process for Part-time Faculty - Job Aid and the Part-time Reappointment Process - Job Aid have been updated to include the changes in the part-time faculty processes.

New Hire Process for Part-time Faculty - Job Aid provides a step-by-step look at the hiring process for Part-time faculty.
Course Rank and Rate form is used to receive approval for the courses, credentials and rate of pay for Part-time Faculty.

Offer Letter Template Please use for all Part-time Faculty job offers

Part-time Faculty Reappointment Process - Job Aid provides a step-by-step look at the reappointment process for Part-time Faculty.

Part-time Teaching/Summer Session PAF

The Part-time Teaching/Summer Session PAF is now used for:

  • Promotions
  • Odd Date Assignments (payments for activity that does not span the full Fall semester, full Spring semester, or summer session dates)
  • All Non-teaching Assignments (research, administrative)
  • Amendments to Fall, Spring and Summer Assignments (data changes)

Instructions for Part-time Teaching/Summer Sessions PAF

Processing Odd Date Assignments

Odd Date Calendar

Sample PAFs

All newly hired Part-time Faculty, as well as those employees separated from the University for more than 12 months must complete the forms in the Hiring Forms Packet.

If a Part-time Faculty member is teaching in more than one department / college or has other University employment, please submit the completed Notification of Other University Assignments form to the 2nd college's dean office.

The Reasonable Assurance Memo must be distributed prior to the end of the current semester (April & November).  Review the Reasonable Assurance Policy Information for additional information.