Part II - Recruit Candidates

The goal in any search is to recruit the most qualified candidate for the position.  During Part II of the hire process, the job vacancy is advertised, active recruiting of applicants begins, prescreening and selecting a pool of applicants takes place, select candidates are brought on campus for interviews, top candidates are identified, and reference checks are conducted.

Where to begin…

Part II of the Hire Process Manual details the following steps:

  • Understand charge to committee and other key individuals
  • For committee members involved in the recruitment process AFTER the Search plan has been approved, attend a Search Committee Information Session.
  • Submit final advertising copy for posting 
  • Actively recruit a qualified and diverse applicant pool
  • Acknowledge receipt of applicant materials
  • Screen applicant materials based upon search plan criteria
  • Complete a Compliance Report
  • Prepare for the interviews
  • Conduct interviews
  • Identify a top candidate or compile a list of finalists
  • Conduct reference checks/verify credentials 



After candidates have been interviewed, please see Part III - Select an Employee.