Separation from the University

When an employee voluntarily or involuntarily separates from the university, this triggers a sequence of events, including the option of continuing health care coverage through COBRA and the end of participation in various benefit plans. Employees are encouraged to contact Benefits Administration to discuss the procedures for exiting the university.

University Rule: 3359-26-05 Separation from the University

Employees who voluntarily resign are asked to give as much advance notice as possible to their direct supervisor. A minimum two week written notice is requested for hourly employees. The university requests at least a four week written notice for managers.  Contract Professionals should provide a four month notice.  All university property, including keys, electronic devices, uniforms, identification badges, tools, and library materials must be returned to the university. In addition, all employees are responsible for completing the Clearance Form.

All Full-time employees are responsible for completing the Clearance Form prior to the release of their final paycheck.

Please download and print the Clearance Form and have it signed by each department listed on your last day of work.  

Separation Personnel Action Forms are used to initiate employee separations for Full-time Faculty, Full-time and Part-time Staff and Contract Professionals. 

Separation PAF

If you need help entering information on the Separation PAF, please see the samples and additional information on the Separation PAF's Help page.

For Part-time Faculty separations, use the Part-time Teaching/Summer Sessions PAF with an Action Code of TER.

Additional information is located on the Part-time Faculty Hiring page, including a Sample Termination PAF.

Assistance with retirement processing from STRS, SERS or OPERS is coordinated by Benefits Administration.  Initial contact with Benefits Administration should occur no less than three months prior to the anticipated effective date of retirement.  Assistance is available to coordinate regular and disability retirements, service credit purchase and/or reinstatement of canceled credit.

Please see the Retirement page for additional information.

COBRA provides the option to purchase and continue insurance coverage from the University during certain eligibility periods to previously covered individuals.   COBRA is coordinated by Benefits Administration.   Please see the COBRA page for more information.