H-1B Extension


To continue employment at The University of Akron beyond the current H-1B petition end date, another H-1B petition must be submitted to USCIS to extend the H-1B status of a foreign national. The maximum period for H-1B status is 6 years unless an individual is currently in the permanent residency process. See Permanent Residency for more details.

An H-1B petition for extension requires all the same procedures and materials listed in Step by Step and takes approximately 3-7 months. Employing departments must submit H-1B extension paperwork to EIS 6 months prior to the expiration of the current H-1B petition.

Since the individual is in the H-1B status, the employee can continue to work as long as EIS has received the official receipt notice from USCIS before the current H-1B petition expires. The receipt notice is received 10-14 days after the petition is submitted to USCIS. However, the official H-1B approval notice is required for re-entry after travel outside the U.S. and is needed for applying for a U.S. visa stamp.