H-1B Fees


The Petitioner is required to pay all H-1B fees ranging from $825 to $2,050. The fee total depends on the type of H-1B cases and choice of processing at USCIS. All H-1B cases including H-1B extensions require the $325 USCIS fee. New H-1B cases to The University of Akron must pay the $500 anti fraud fee. To expedite processing at USCIS, there is an additional optional fee of $1,225.  A fee schedule appears below:

$460 – All cases (USCIS fee)
$500 – All New  H-1B cases (Dept. of Homeland Security Anti Fraud fee)
$1,225 – Optional Premium Processing Fee (USCIS)

The employing department must submit a Request for all the fees to EIS with the required H-1B paperwork. EIS then requests the appropriate checks. More details are in the H-1B Packet instructions.  Please contact EIS with questions regarding fees as they are specific to each H-1B case.