Corrective Action Form Instructions

1. Please be certain to select the appropriate Corrective Action form. One form is for employees who are members of the Communication Workers of America, Local 4302. The other form is to be used for all other University employees.

Corrective Action Form 

Corrective Action Form for CWA employees 

2. Both Corrective Action Report forms are read-only Excel-based programs. You may rename the document you create and save it as and Excel file to your computer in a secured file. Do not save your report to a shared drive or shared computer. Please exit the Corrective Action form when you are finished.

3. You must fully complete page one of the report and the "Improvement Required" section on the top of page two prior to meeting with the employee. You may attach any supporting documentation. (i.e. attendance reports, tardiness records, performance plans, etc.)

4. You must administer corrective action in person with the employee.

5. Please sign the final printed report. Retain a copy for your records. Provide a copy to the employee and forward the original to Human Resources.

6. Any questions with regard to the Corrective Action Report or policy may be directed to Michelle Smith at extension 5146 or Bill Viau at extension 6410.