Quality of Worklife

The University of Akron promotes a positive and productive work experience by supporting professional development and providing tools to help foster health and wellness. These learning opportunities help employees cope with day to day stresses and special challenges, such as eldercare, personal finances, and money management. 

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Wellness and Fitness Programs

Physical activity is important to stress management. The Student Recreation and Wellness Center offers its members a wide range of physical fitness programs. In addition, wellness seminars are conducted each term for members of the UA community. These wellness programs are free, but registration is required. Check out the wide range of programs and services available at our Student Recreation Wellness Center.

Financial Wellness

The state of our personal finances affects our sense of well-being.  Striving to maintain or achieve "financial wellness" in today's economy can be challenging and stressful to everyone.  To increase your financial well-being, we invite you to attend one or more of the following helpful seminars presented by PNC Bank.

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Providing Support for our Veterans

This training will enable University faculty and staff to provide more culturally appropriate services to veterans, service members and their family members.  Because many returning veterans have adjustment issues and must seek care in the civilian community, this seminar will discuss behavioral health issues and the importance of knowing about military culture.   Click HERE for more information.


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Stress Management and Relaxation Skills

Any workplace can be stressful and it is important to find time to relax and recharge during the day. If, like many of us, you find yourself eating lunch at your desk, take a few minutes to relax with one of the following guided meditation exercises:*

1. Mental Journey

2. Breathing

3. Guided Imagery

4. Meditation

5. Guided Imagery 2

6. Music 1

7. Music 2

8. Relax

*MP3 sound files are from Dr. Bruce Rabin's "Learn to Decompress with Dr. Stress" program through Carnegie Mellon University's Learning and Development group. Guided meditations are part of the UPMC "Mental Journey for Stress, Coping and Relaxation" program.