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                    The University of Akron:


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                             Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


Our Rich History...

                     History of The University of Akron

Who we are today...

                      Board of Trustees 

                      President Scott Scarborough, Ph.D.

                      Dr. W. Michael "Mike" Sherman, Senior Vice President, Provost and COO  

                      Inclusion and Equity       At the  University Akron, we strive to create a welcoming (more....)

                       Office of Institutional Research      We assist and support institutional decision-making   (more.....)


Communications on Campus


The University of Akron offers a web-based email system for all employees that you can use anywhere Internet access is available.  Your email address is your UANet ID plus @uakron.edu.  You can access your email account from your office computer on the desktop under MS Outlook or with a Web browser at https://exchange.uanet.edu/


All phones are connected to a voicemail system.  You can access your messages from anywhere on or off campus by dialing 330-972-8000.  For information on how to set up your personal voice mail box go to http://www.uakron.edu/telecomm/index.dot

Emergency text messaging (Z-Alert)

This is a texting service to notify students, parents, and employees in case of an emergency. In the event of an emergency, a text message outlining the nature of the emergency will be sent to the mobile/cell phone number provided by you. This is a free service provided by the University.  However, the recipient will pay text-messaging fees as prescrbed in his or her service agreement. Details and sign-up.

My Akron and ZipSpace

ZipSpace provides 100MB of disk space on the University network for personal Web pages and storage for each student, faculty and staff member. For information to set-up and use the space http://www.uakron.edu/training/zipspace.dot

University Communicates with You

Email Digest and Zipmail

The home page is an excellent way to stay on top of campus news. UA also has a Facebook page and a Twitter feed, both updated daily. Links are on the home page.

Twice a week the faculty, staff and contract professionals receive announcements via the Email Digest. Students receive announcements once a week via Zipmail.

President's Letter

The president and provost address employees through employee meetings and through e-mail messages.

President's Webpage

The President's website includes an archive of State of the University addresses, speeches, editiorials, statements to the community, and commencement addresses.  To view the president's webpage visit http://www.uakron.edu/president/index.dot 


Student-run newspaper for The University of Akron.  Free of charge and can be found throughout the university.

Information Technology Services

UANet ID and password

Each student, staff, and faculty member is assigned a unique identifier for log in, registration, grades, and other purposes. This unique identifier is called a UAnet ID. 

Once you have your Employee I.D., you can apply for your UANet ID and password by going to the User Password website or calling the ZipSupport Desk at 330-972-6888. 

Phishing - Do not give out your password to anyone, no matter how "official" the website may look.

Phishing is the process by which someone obtains private information, often authenticating credentials, through deceptive or illicit means.  For more information log into My Akron.

My Akron

Your access to University of Akron services such free software downloads, employee benefits, software training support, registration, grades and more. Log into My Akron.  

Ask A.L. (Atomic Learning)

Quick answers to those computer software problems.  Access short, easy-to-view-and-understand tutorials.  Use the University's portal in My Akron to access Atomic Learning. 

Home Use Software

Check out the software provided by the University that you can download on your personal computer. Find the link in My Akron.

Instructional Services

Instructional Services provides expert services in areas that complement UA teaching such as instructional design, multimedia production and e-learning adaptations to your courses.  Our mission is to stay current in the dynamic field of instructional technology and make our knowledge and skill in this discipline available to UA faculty.

Instructional Services offers UA instructors access to the expertise and experience Audio Visual Services, Computer Based Assessment and Evaluation, Distance Learning Services and Design and Development Services.  Check out the available services.

Computer Repair Services

The staff of CRS provides knowledgeable assistance in the setup and operation of employee’s personal computer equipment, and will install University-approved software, hardware and peripherals, and provide hardware and software diagnostics.  CRS can help you setup dial-in access, direct network connections, or wireless connections to the University Computer Network. 

You can also take your personal computers into Computer Repair Services for repair. Beginning July 1, 2014, University students, faculty, and staff will be charged a $25 fee for repair to personally owned computers.  (Parts are extra).   For more information, call 339-972-7626 or http://www.uakron.edu/dts/computer-repair-services.dot

Software Training Services & Technological Services

The Software Training and Technological Services unit provides online documentation, job aids, tutorials and online courses for administrative and academic software used University wide such as PeopleSoft and EmpCenter (Workforce).   Visit the main Software Training page to view the training resources: http://www.uakron.edu/training/    Visit the online course catalog to view a complete listing of the training courses available: https://www.uakron.edu/training/secure/course-listing.dot

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Off-campus Access

You will need to set up special programs to fully access UA services via the internet.  For additional information and to acquire the software, see VPN at:  http://support.uakron.edu/

ZipSupport Center:  330-972-6888

The ZipSupport Center is available to answer questions about computers and software. Contact this center if you need to activate your UAnet ID, or change your password, or have problems with your dial-up internet service.  Also visit Bierce Library back of main lobby, Polsky Building third floor, or http://support.uakron.edu/.  To find out about the Zip Support Center’s office hours, visit its site at www.uakron.edu/support-desk/.

My Akron


How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?  When is the next pay period? If I have a question about my pay, who should I contact?   Go to the Payroll website to find answers to these questions, plus more. 

Healthcare Benefits

The University of Akron is proud to offer to its employees a highly competitive and innovative group insurance plan.  UA Choice offers the opportunity to design a benefits package that meets specific needs of the employee based upon employee eligibility.

The group plan includes medical, dental, employee life insurance, short-term and long-term disability, vision, dependent life insurance, participation in flexible spending accounts for health and/or dependent care.

A number of options are available for benefit coverage in each plan.  In some plans, the employee can choose no coverage at all.  All payroll deductions in the basic UA Choice package are made on a pre-tax basis when permitted.  Any monies remaining after selections are made will be treated as taxable income.   Learn more about UA Choice plans.

Leave Benefits


 Sick Leave

Paid Holidays

The University of Akron observes ten (10) paid holidays annually.  Notice of the actual day on which holidays will be observed is sent out shortly after the April Board of Trustees meeting each year. List of Paid Holidays.


Note to Part-time employees!!!

The above leave benefits refers to employees with full-time employment status unless otherwise noted.

Part-time employees should refer to the online Employee Handbook to determine your leave benefits eligibility at Office of General Counsel website.  Part-time Faculty and part-time Contract Professionals should refer to UA Rule 3359-11-01.

Family Medical Leave Act

FMLA allows employees to balance their work and family life by taking reasonable unpaid leave for certain family and medical reasons.  An eligible employee is entitled to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job protected leave during any rolling 12-month period for a “qualifying reason.”  Should you ever need to apply for FMLA, contact Benefits Administration at 330-972-7090.

      See www.uakron.edu/hr/benefits/fmla.dot   for more information.

Unemployment and Workers’ Compensation

Contributions are made by the University to assure employee eligibility for these benefits should a situation arise.  Should you ever need unemployment, contact Payroll at 330-972-7205.  Should you ever need workers’ compensation, contact Benefits Administration at 330-972-7090.

Transfer or Purchase of Prior State Service and Credit

Any employee who has prior service with another Ohio public retirement system may request to have the prior state service and credit transferred or purchased.  In addition, the employee may also request any remaining sick leave from a previous state employer to be transferred.  For more information about this program contact a UA Benefits Administration representative at 330-972-7090.

Each employee must verify his or her eligibility for the respective benefit with the applicable agency or the governing University rule at the time of application of the particular benefit.  

Benefits are subject to change with or without notice. In event there is a conflict between the language in these materials and the language in the benefit plan documents, the language in the plan documents shall govern.

University employees whose employment is subject to a collective bargaining agreement are strongly encouraged to review that document for eligibility for benefits. In most cases, the language in the labor agreement shall control if there is a conflict between the labor agreement and this handout.

Educational Benefits

Reduction Of Fees 

Active status employees, their eligible spouses and dependent children, and retired employees have been granted special educational privileges by the Board of Trustees, whereby eligibility accrues from employment as of the first day of the semester.  Employees shall be permitted to take credit courses and select non-credit courses each semester including summers.  Employees desiring to take advantage of the educational opportunities available at the University are encouraged to schedule classes outside the normal workday.  Other arrangements are subject to applicable University rules and to department discretion.

Fee reductions may be taxable income to employees.

The reduction is subject to current Board of Trustees policy, which is subject to change without notice.

Reduction Of Fees For Qualified Dependents

For the purposes of “reductions of fees”, spouses refer to individuals who have contracted the legal status of a marital relationship through religious or civil solemnized marriages and complied with all the statutory requirements pursuant to applicable law; and shall not include common law marriages which may be otherwise recognized under Ohio law or other relationships between persons not legally capable of making contract under Ohio law.

Unmarried dependent children include natural, adopted and step-children for whom the full-time employee (or surviving spouse) provides more than 50% support during the academic period for which education benefits are sought and who are not married at the start academic period for education benefits are sought.  The employees may be required to submit proof of dependency to the University auditor on request.  The term support shall include the provision of food, clothing, shelter, medical and dental care, provision of accident and health insurance, transportation, recreation, childcare expenses and other generally recognized indicia of financial assistance.

Reduction Of Fee Determination

To determine your reduction of fee eligibility status and/or your spouse and dependent’s eligibility status for receiving educational benefits, contact the Controller’s Office at 330-972-6570.

Note to Part-time Employees!!!

The above information concerning reduction of fees refers to employees with full-time employment status unless otherwise noted.

To determine your educational benefits eligibility status, contact the Controller’s Office at            330-972-6570.

Financial Planning  

Approved Tax Sheltered Annuities

As an employee of an educational institution, you have the option of participating in a Tax-Sheltered Annuity (TSA) program as authorized by Section 403(b) of the Internal Revenue Code.  The University has also adopted a Deferred Compensation Plan as authorized by Section 457(b) of the Internal  Revenue Code.  This plan is available in addition to the 403(b) plan, with contribution maximums for each plan.  For more information about these plans visit Supplemental Retirement Accounts.

Credit Union

Towpath Credit Union presently confers membership to University employees who apply.  Towpath is a  full service credit union offering such services as direct payroll deduction for savings and loan payment, share draft checking, auto and personal loans, year round pay for nine month appointments, and Christmas and vacation club savings.  Towpath also offers special event tickets at discounted prices for local events, amusement parks, “movie money” and many other services.  Towpath is located off campus.  For more information contact 330-664-4700 or 1-866-634-4700 or visit their website.


Employees of The University of Akron do not contribute to Social Security.  Based on employee type, employees are eligible for membership in State Teachers Retirement System, School Employees Retirement System, or Ohio Public Employees Retirement system – LE Option (Police Officers only).   Full-time status employees may also elect to participate in an Alternate Retirement Plan (ARP) with carriers approved by The State of Ohio Department of Insurance.  All employees’ contributions are on a pre-federal and state tax basis.  The University of Akron also contributes to the retirement plan on behalf of the employee.

Wellness Benefits

IMPACT Employee Assistance & Work/Life Program

Most people need a life adjustment once in a while, or legal assistance, or financial assistance or identity theft recovery assistance.  The University has contracted with IMPACT Solutions to provide prompt and confidential professional counseling services to eligible persons.  Full-time employees as well as covered dependents are eligible for this service.  Up to six counseling sessions per year, per incident are available at no charge to each employee and qualified dependent(s).  For more information about this program IMPACT Solutions Employee Assistance & Work/Life Program or call 800-227-6007.

The Student Recreation and Wellness Center and Ocasek Natatorium

SRWC and the Ocasek Natatorium offer a variety of fitness and wellness programs that are either free or offer a discounted membership to employees.  Discounted memberships are also available for married couples, if one of the individuals is an employee of the University.

Facilities included in membership:  activity areas, a wellness suite, leisure pool, 5-multi-function gymnasiums, two group exercise studios, indoor running/walking track, group exercise, 53-foot climbing wall, Olympic size pool, 8 racquetball courts, outdoor and adventure rental equipment, and much more. 

There are a number of wellness programs that do not require membership such as the ZipFit program, intramurals, adventure trips and seminars, and an indoor sprint triathlon. 

Wellness Services provides a variety of confidential evaluative tests and screens that are available to UA employees, students and the greater Akron community.   The unit recommends and supports lifestyle changes through evaluation, education and action.   Programs range from physical fitness evaluation, cholesterol screens, blood pressure, osteoporosis screens, metabolic testing, and body composition testing, to exercise program designs, ultraviolet light damage camera, and health risk appraisals. 

In need of a massage?  This unit also provides massages for a low rate to employees.  To make an appointment for a service, call 330-972-6599 or stop into the Wellness Suite, SRWC 107. 

To learn more about these programs, visit the Recreation & Wellness Services website.

Employee Recognition

Each year The University of Akron recognizes faculty and staff members for outstanding accomplishments and leadership during the year.  In addition, a service awards program is conducted each spring recognizing faculty and staff for their years of service.

Athletic Events   

A member of the Mid-American Conference (MAC), Akron sponsors 19 NCAA Division I athletic programs.

Tickets can be purchased for family and friends at the Athletic Ticket Office located at Gate 1 at InfoCision Stadium or by calling 1-888-99-AKRON. 

Game schedules for all athletic events are available at the Athletics Ticket Office at Gate 1 at InfoCision Stadium or online at http://www.gozips.com/, where you can view all the latest Zips sports information.

Click HERE to see a short video presented by the athletic department.

Visual and Performing Arts

Art exhibitions, dance performances, theatre productions, music concerts, operas, lectures, and much more are available on campus. University artists and nationally and internationally acclaimed guest artists share their talents with the campus and community, provide a vibrant arts scene, and boost the region's economic and cultural vitality.  Many events are free, and all are open to the public. 

To find out more about events sponsored by the Arts College visit their website.

Sign up for EJ Thomas Hall’s eNewsletter and receive special offers and discounts.  Receive updates on new shows just announced and the ability to buy tickets before they go on sale to the public.  For more information, visit EJ Thomas Hall's website.


Rules and Regulations

The Board of Trustees has established the rules governing your employment here at The University of Akron.  The rules and regulations are available on the following Office of General Counsel website:      http://www.uakron.edu/ogc/      

 Listed below are a few of the general rules and regulations of which you need to be aware during your employment here at The University of Akron.

Rule Number

Rule Title


Access and acceptable use of university computer and informational resources


Sexual Harassment Policy


Conflict of Interest, Conflict of Commitment, Scholarly Misconduct, and Ethical Conduct Policies and Procedures


Affirmative Action Policy and Program


Alcohol Policy


Drug-Free Workplace


Computer Misconduct Policy


U of A Rules and Regulations for Faculty

Information for The University of Akron Chapter – AAUP (American Association of University Professors)


U of A Rules and Regulations for Contract Professional

As a contract professional at The University of Akron please check the following rules and regulations:

Rule Number

Rule Title


Sick Leave for School of Law Faculty, Contract Professionals, Classified, and Unclassified Exempt Staff


Contract Professional Information


Contract Professional Advisory Committee


Contract Professional Grievance Committee


Contract Professional Grievance Procedures


U of A Rules and Regulations for Staff

As a staff member of The University of Akron please check the following rules and regulations:

Rule Number

Rule Title


Sick Leave for School of Law Faculty, Contract Professionals, Classified, and Unclassified Exempt Staff


General Information


General Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures




Absence from Campus


Separation from the University


Campus Safety

Two important phone numbers to put into your cell phones:

330-972-2911 - The University of Akron Police Department

I.C.E. - "In Case of Emergency" who is to be contacted by the emergency responders if you are not able to communicate.


University of Akron Police Department: 330-972-2911

University Police provides around-the-clock patrols throughout the campus, including parking lots and residence halls.  Visit The University of Akron Police Department website  for updates, safety tips, and a variety of other safety resources or contact their office for general information.

Department of Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety: 330-972-6866

EOHS addresses a wide variety of safety issues such as indoor air quality, ergonomics, lead, mercury, fire detection and prevention, hazardous materials management and disposal, emergency management and University radio communications.  For more information, visit the UA's Department of Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety website.

Campus Patrol Escorts: 330-972-7263

A student escort service operates nightly for the safety of anyone walking alone on campus.   The free service runs from 5 p.m. to midnight during the fall and spring semesters.  When you call ext. 7263, an escort will come to your location and accompany you to any campus building or parking lot.  Employed by the University Police, the campus patrol teams wear identifying T-shirts or jackets.

Crime Prevention: 330-972-5914

University Police presents educational programs to employees on personal safety, sexual assault/acquaintance rape prevention, drug and alcohol abuse prevention, and other related topics.

Emergency Phones

The University of Akron maintains more than 200 emergency phones – both indoors (mainly in elevators) and throughout the campus.  Emergency phones are tested weekly to ensure they are in working order.  The blue phones automatically and instantaneously connect users to UAPD who responds immediately to all activated emergency phones, even if no words are spoken.  For a list of locations, visit the University Police Web site at http://www.uakron.edu/safety

Emergency and University Information Notification

  • Register for Z-Alert by going to My Akron.  Sign-up here for UA's free, emergency texting service. In the event of an emergency, or closings a text message will be sent to the mobile number AND/OR email address provided.
  • In the event of severe weather or emergency conditions, call 330-972-SNOW or visit http://www.healthandsafety.uakron.edu/ for online emergency updates

Lost and Found: 330-972-7135

Motor Vehicle Assistance: 330-972-7123

Motor vehicle assistance is available should you ever lock yourself out of your car, need a battery jump or other similar assistance.  UA police regularly patrol parking facilities.  Parking Services personnel also monitor UA’s parking facilities. 

University Police Non-emergencies: 330-972-7123


Zip Essentials

Parking Permits

Parking permits are required to park on campus.  All parking violations are enforced during the first week of each semester.  Any employee parking on campus is expected to have a permit displayed on the first day of classes. 

Most new employees will need to complete a paper parking permit application then forward the form to Parking Services located in the Parking Deck North on Buchtel Avenue.  You may apply for a parking permit online only if you have a valid UAnet user name and password.   To access Parking Services’ website go to http://www.uakron.edu/parking/    Note, you should verify with your department that your application has been approved prior to going to Parking Services to pick up your permit.

Handicap calculators are available in all University putting  lots.

UAnet ID (University of Akron Network ID)

A UAnet ID is created for all employees upon hire to the University.  The ID is printed on your Zip Card and provides access to various online systems and services.  Your UAnet ID provides you access to your office computer, UA e-mail account, Zipspace (personal web pages and file storage), on campus internet access, MyAkron (personal employee information), including access to your UA e-mail account when off campus.  You should change the pre-assigned password for your ID as soon as you receive it.  The UAnet Services Web site at https://gozips.uakron.edu/zid/app/request/  allows you to obtain and change the password and email settings for your ID.

Zip Card

The Zip Card is your University identification card with your photo.  It is also used as a “key” to secured buildings on campus, a dining card, your pass to the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, your ticket to athletic events, your library card, a debit card on or off campus, to receive discounts on or off campus, and as a printing card through the campus Printing Services locations.

Zip Card offices are located in Simmons Hall 103 and in the Summit College atrium which is located on the 3rd floor of the Polsky Building.  For office hours or other questions, call 330-972-5637 or email zipcard@uakron.edu or visit the website at. http://www.uakron.edu/zipcard/


In order to access many UA buildings on campus which do not use Zip Card access, you will need to complete a key card to request a key.   Your department chair will need to sign the form along with other appropriate approval signatures.  You must have a valid Zip Card for identification purposes in order to pick up your key(s).   Key Cards are available through Locking Systems or from your department.

Mandatory Legal Compliance Seminars


The University of Akron is committed to an environment free of harassment and discrimination. The Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) office provides Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training Seminars for all employees. These are mandatory for ALL EMPLOYEES at The University of Akron (full-time and part-time faculty, contract professionals, full-time and part-time staff, and graduate assistants.) Visit http://www.uakron.edu/seminars/ to register for a classroom session which are offered on a quarterly bhasis throughout the year, or contact Human Resources at 330-972-7300 or e-mail eeocompliance@uakron.edu with registration or attendance questions.  Note: to register online for a seminar, you will need to have a UAnet ID. 


Center for Child Development – Childcare Services: 330-972-8210

Are you looking for a quality childcare center for your children? The University of Akron Center for Child Development offers top-notch childcare services on campus. The center is a teacher education laboratory site and provides exciting, educational and fun programs for children ages 21 months to 5. There is also a school-age program offered to children ages 6-11 during summer sessions.

PNC Bank

PNC Bank an approved financial provider for The University of Akron with several branch locations situated on and around campus as well as 7 ATMs located directly on campus.

PNC Bank's WorkPlace Banking offers Performance checking and Virtual Wallet® with Performance Spend. Whether choosing the traditional or online experience, with direct deposit customers get better money management, benefits and enhanced rewards. With the Refer a Co-Worker program, get rewarded for spreading the word about PNC WorkPlace Banking.

For additional information on the products and services available through PNC Bank, visit our branch located on the first floor of the Student Union.  Feel free to call us directly at 330-252-1726 or click on the following link: http://www.uakron.edu/studentunion/bank.dot

Notary Public

Notary public service is available in the offices of Human Resources and General Counsel at no cost to employees.  It is recommended that you call prior to asking for this service.  Contact ext. 7090 to schedule an appointment.

Resources and Work/Life Solutions

Access in the Workplace

The Office of Employee Relations and the ADA Coordinator work with other campus offices to remove environmental barriers and to provide reasonable accommodations to enable employees with disabilities to fully realize their potential and to contribute fully to the work of the University. Inquiries about access and reasonable accommodations should be directed to Talent Development & Human Resources, at 330-972-6195.

Conflict Resolution Services

Conflict Resolution Services provide a variety of tools to address workplace disputes in collaborative and creative ways. These tools include informal resolution through consultation, mediation, and special trainings or coaching for individuals and units. In addition to resolving the immediate issues presented by parties in conflict, this office assists individuals and units in strengthening their communication skills and building collaborative and collegial working relationships. For information concerning these services, contact Talent Development & Human Resources, at 330-972-6195.

IMPACT Employee Assistance & Work/Life Program

Most people need a life adjustment once in a while, or legal assistance, or financial assistance or identity theft recovery assistance.  The University has contracted with IMPACT Solutions to provide prompt and confidential professional counseling services to eligible persons.  Full-time employees as well as covered dependents are eligible for this service.  Up to six counseling sessions per year, per incident are available at no charge to each employee and qualified dependent(s).  For more information about this program contact IMPACT Solutions Employee Assistance & Work/Life Program at 800-227-6007.

Military Service Center

The Registrar's Office includes a Military Services Center to make it easy for veterans to enroll at UA and take advantage of the support services available to them.  The Military Services Center provides enrollment information for military personnel and their dependents.  For more information about this service, visit the center’s website at  http://www.uakron.edu/veterans/.

Parking Services

To find out where the best places are to park throughout the day, visit Parking Service’s website at http://www.uakron.edu/parking/.

Roo Express Shuttle Service

The Roo Express Shuttle Service is a free service that provides transportation to University buildings in the downtown area, neighborhoods near campus and the parking lots on the North side of campus.  To ride, simply show your Zip Card.  To obtain the most current shuttle routes and schedules go to Parking Services’ website at http://www.uakron.edu/parking/roo-express/index.dot.

UA Libraries

The University’s primary library collection is housed in three main locations – Bierce Library on Buchtel Common, the Science and Technology Library in Auburn Science and Engineering Center, and Archival Services in the Polsky Building, lower level.  In addition, the University has other collections, such as the law Library in the McDowell Law Center, that are available to all the campus community.

The libraries provide print and media resources on-site and access to well over 300 electronic databases, thousands of full text electronic journals, e-books and other online resources that can be accessed either on campus or remotely 24/7.  Other sizable collections include government documents, curricular materials, audio and video material and maps.

Use the libraries’ online catalog to find books, e-books, government documents, audio-visual material, journal titles and reserve materials for your courses.  You also can renew materials online. 


The University belongs to OhioLINK, a computer network that links library catalogs and resources at Ohio’s 86 state universities and community colleges, the State Library of Ohio and several private colleges.  OhioLINK gives you access to millions of items.  Through online borrowing, you can have materials sent to you at the University within three to five days.   Visit the libraries’ website to find out more information at www.uakron.edu/libraries/

Learning Resources

Human Resources

This unit offers classroom and online instruction for an employee’s personal and professional development.  Mandatory seminars such as Sexual Harassment Prevention, New Employee Orientation, and benefits information sessions as well as personal financial planning, and employment process coordination are also provided through Human Resources.  For more information about these topics and other seminars, visit http://www.uakron.edu/hr/hr-services/learning/index.dot 

Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety Department

Explore this unit’s website to learn more about health and safety training sessions covering topics such as chemical, biohazards, fire protection and safety practices.  Visit http://www.uakron.edu/safety/eohs/

Health Services

Although this unit’s primary focus is the well-being of our students, from time-to-time seminars are made available to UA employees.  Presentations cover a wide range of topics including nutrition and stress management.    

Institute for Teaching and Learning

The institute strives to coordinate, promote and support efforts to improve the success of our students both inside and outside the classroom, and to advance and disseminate scholarly investigations into the teaching and learning process as well as discipline-specific research activities involving students.  For more information about available learning opportunities, visit ITL’s web page at www.uakron.edu/itl   

Registrar’s Office

This unit offers several technical training seminars for PeopleSoft and THE Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS).  Topics range from department course scheduling and using the automated record reflecting a student’s academic progress toward degree completion.  For information about seminars in this area email slauck@uakron.edu.  For information about DARS, email DARS@uakron.edu 

Software Training and Technological Services

In Information Technology Services, the Software Training group offers sessions throughout the year on topics such as Office 2010, Springboard, PeopleSoft, Atomic Learning, in addition to other technology related topics.   To learn more about available seminars and to register for a session, visit IT’s website at http://www.uakron.edu/training/index.dot 

 Dining on Campus

Whether you're craving subs or sushi, beef or chicken, waffles or wonton soup, cooked greens or a garden salad, there's an eatery on campus for you.

Dining Plans

Employees may choose to purchase a dining plan at any Zip Card Office location.  Dining dollars are added to your Zip Card.  Dining plans are valid for one semester only.  For more information, visit their website at www.uakron.edu/aux/dining/index.php

University Dining Services

University Dining Services offers meals at numerous locations around campus.  The most popular place is the newly remodeled Rob's Café, where you can enjoy a number of made-to-order foods at various specialty stations. There's also a deli, Mexican offerings, a pasta bar, vegetarian, pizza, soup of the day, omelets and more.

In the Student Union, you'll find the Union Market, with grilled foods, a bakery, Chinese dishes, pasta, pizza, soups, salad bar and comfort foods. 

Quaker Square has the Trackside Grille, with a wide variety of menu options, including 13 sandwich choices, homemade salads and an ice cream bar.  

To view a complete list of other dining locations such as Summit Bistro, Zee’s Convenience Stores, Zippy Express, Starbucks, Auntie Anne’s, Climbing Rock Café, Dairy Queen, Subway, to name a few, visit Dining Services’ website at http://www.uakron.edu/aux/dining/index.php

Advanced Food Preparation

Students in this program which is located in Shrank Hall South, provide a variety of themed meals to campus throughout the semester.  Call 330-972-7721 for reservations and to find out dates and times of the meal events.

The Crystal Room Restaurant

Located in Gallucci Hall, this restaurant is a learning environment operated by the Hospitality Management students with direction from the Hospitality Management faculty. Visit their website for dates and times the restaurant is open and to view their specialty menu at http://www.uakron.edu/summitcollege/crystal-room/

Street Treats

Located in the College of Business Administration’s concourse and at the heart of the university on Buchtel Common, this food shop offers a variety of sandwiches, chips and soft drinks. 

Campus Retail and Specialty Stores

Whatever you may want or need, odds are that you can find it at one of the many on-campus stores the University owns and operates.

Cellar Door Store

This shop features an array of Victorian and unique gifts.  There is also an antique consignment room housed in the Cellar Door Store.  Both are located in Hower House, an elegant Victorian architectural structure.  


Let the University’s on campus multipurpose shops handle your personal printing, lamination, duplication of media, and much more.  DocuZip is located on the 2nd floor of the Student Union 330-972-7870 as well as on the 3rd floor in the Polsky Building 330-972-2045.  For a list of their services access their website at http://www.uakron.edu/printing/docuzip.dot

University Bookstore

Barnes and Noble is your campus bookstore with so much more.  Located in the Student Union, Polsky Building and on Wayne Campus, this store offers collegiate items, sweat-shirts, captain’s chairs, key chains to toiletries and light bulbs.  Employees can enjoy a 15% discount on merchandise.  For more information view their website at http://www.shopakronzips.com/.


Located in the shops at the Exchange Street Residence Hall.

Institute for Teaching and Learning

The Institute for Teaching and Learning at The University of Akron coordinates, promotes and supports efforts to improve the success of our students both inside and outside the classroom, and to advance and disseminate scholarly investigations into the teaching and learning process as well as discipline-specific research activities involving students. http://www.uakron.edu/itl/

Instructional Services

You will find support for a broad range of instruction tools and pragmatic suggestions on how to incorporate these tools into your instructional practice. We provide expert services in areas that complement your teaching such as instructional design, multimedia production and e-learning adaptations to your courses. Our motto is “You can Teach: We can Help!"http://www.uakron.edu/it/instructional_services/

University Libraries


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