Integrated Bioscience Seminar Series 2024

Seminars are from 2:45-3:35PM on Fridays in ASEC (biology) B201. Please contact the listed host if you would like more information about the speaker or details about their visit. Follow the links for information about the speaker. All Seminars are In-Person, unless denoted by “***” which indicates a virtual presentation on TEAMS.

Date Speaker & Title Affiliation UA Host
26-Jan Student Organizational Meeting Dr. Niewiarowski
2-Feb No Seminar Scheduled    
9-Feb Dr. Anthony Jack
The brain-mind revolution: how the new field of cognitive network neuroscience will transform psychology, philosophy, and education
Case Western Reserve University Dr. Huss
16-Feb Dr. Jesse Young
Out on a limb: how primates solve the challenges of arboreal locomotion
NEOMED Dr. Olson
23-Feb Dr. Rich Londraville, Dr. Toni Bisconti, & Dr. Peter Niewiarowski
Research on Teaching and Learning
UAkron Dr. Londraville
1-Mar Dr. Chris Pincock
Using models to understand complex biological systems
Ohio State University Dr. Gatzia
8-Mar Dr. Doug LaRowe
Energy Limits to Life
University of Southern California Dr. Sahai
15-Mar Dr. Derek Turner
Rethinking the Aesthetics of Species
Connecticut College Dr. Huss

Dr. Jennifer Rieser
Impressive feats without feet: the physics of limbless movement in complex environments

Emory University Dr. Astley & Jessica Tingle
29-Mar spring break : no seminar

Dr. Amy Iler
Consequences of environmental variation for plant populations: earlier flowering under climate change and pollinator declines

Chicago Botanic Garden Dr. Miller
12-Apr Dr. Scott Thomas
Factors influencing cannabalism in high elevation salamander populations
RMBL and Murray State University Dr. Niewiarowski

Dr. Austin Garner
Pliable perches and rocky roads: substrate properties and their impacts on locomotor performance of adhesive animal

Syracuse University Dr. Niewiarowski

Dr. Maria Botero
Philosophical Dogs: How Philosophy and Psychology can Intersect in the Study of Dog Cognition

Sam Houston State University Dr. Gatzia

Dr. Debkalpa Goswami
Soft robotics as a platform for biomedical engineering research

Cleveland Clinic Dr. Zhang