Biomimicry Corporate Fellowships For 2017

Are you interested in earning a PhD in the emerging field of Biomimicry? Do you want to want to help establish Biomimicry as a standard design tool for sustainable innovation? The companies above are a few examples currently sponsoring PhD Fellows to bring biomimicry into the R&D and other facets of their organizations. New Companies are being added each year.

Call For Applications: Fellowships Available for August 2017 Start

NASA (more info)

Cleveland Water Alliance and Biohabitats Inc. (more info) THIS POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED (12/2016)

Highlights of the Biomimicry Fellowship Program

  • Fellowships extend 5 years through completion of the PhD
  • Fellow research and design objectives are developed by corporate and faculty mentors in collaboration with the Fellow
  • Fellows get deep industry experience in biomimicry-focused R&D
  • Applications are being accepted and reviewed until all positions are filled for starts in January of 2017


Biomimicry Fellows are full-time PhD students enrolled in UA’s biomimicry training, supported to advance sponsor-oriented research innovation challenges, or biomimicry curriculum development for STEM programs, as core elements of their PhD research. Over each PhD student’s five-year program, corporate funded fellows will spend 16-20 hours per week in the sponsor’s R&D labs, while foundation funded fellows will spend 16-20 hours per week working with teacher professional development and curriculum enhancement. The return on investment for the sponsor comes in one or more of three forms: 1) immediate and continuous integration of biomimicry innovation process, skills, culture and learning into their R&D infrastructure or PK-12 educational system; 2) advanced training of a biomimicry professional ready to assume a leadership role; or, 3) deployment of biomimetic curriculum and pedagogy, and related teacher development, into K12 school systems.

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