Congressman Tim Ryan announces $539,218 in federal funds for The University of Akron


Congressman Tim Ryan (OH-13) has announced a federal grant of $539,218 for the University of Akron (UA) for its Talent Search Program, which helps the University identify and assist individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds who have the potential to succeed in higher education. The program provides academic, career, and financial counseling to its participants and encourages them to graduate from high school and complete a postsecondary education. 

“The Northeast Ohio economy is providing great opportunities as we transition to advanced manufacturing, electric vehicles and battery storage and we need to ensure that all of our students have the chance to participate,” says Ryan. “The Talent Search Program will provide that chance for students who otherwise may fall through the cracks. I commend the University of Akron for ensuring students who need our help the most from Akron Public Schools and Summit County school districts have the resources and support they need.”

“The University of Akron is pleased to again receive funding for the Educational Talent Search Grant, which provides service to 972 participants from the Akron Public Schools and surrounding districts in Summit County,” says Deborah Stone, interim director of Academic Achievement Programs at UA. “These funds will allow us to continue to provide academic, career and financial counseling to our participants and encourage them to complete high school and go on to complete postsecondary education. It is a great opportunity, and we look forward to working with more participants over the next five years.”

The goal of Talent Search is to increase the number of students from disadvantaged backgrounds who complete high school and enroll in and complete their postsecondary education. The project is to continue to increase high school graduation with a rigorous curriculum while increasing post-secondary access and success. This will be done through direct services, including in-school workshops, academic monitoring, academic year tutoring, a summer enrichment academy, a summer reading program, and a peer mentoring program.

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