December Safety Focus: Fatigue



For this month’s Safety Focus we’re highlighting something that can impact us all; that can be present in both lab and class, at work and at home: Fatigue. Particularly as the semester winds down with exams and projects and peppermint mocha fueled minds, there is a need to really recognize that fatigue increases the chance of accidents in the lab and on the road. Fatigue can also be detrimental to your long-term physical and mental health.

Though certainly guilty myself within my time, the all-nighter, whether for exams or that last bit of data, is not particularly good for you. Consistent, sufficient sleep is critical to fighting fatigue, but fatigue can also be brought on through extended periods of stress. While Zippy cannot sleep for you, UA does offer a number of resources on campus to help with stress.

UA Counseling Center (Simmons 306)

UA Campus Wellness Services

May you all have a safe close to the semester.

Dr. Jason Randall
Director of Operations
P: 330-972-5337