Yearend update on 2017 campus construction


As the construction season comes to a close, many campus projects have been completed, while others remain active. In some instances, we have projects that are on hiatus status until spring 2018. 

The majority of these significant capital projects are funded by the state of Ohio. Here are the updates:


  • Central Hower Infrastructure (State Capital Funded)
    To increase efficiency and reliability of utility service at Central Hower, the building was connected to both our centralized chilled water system and electrical grid. Site restoration is finished as well.
  • Utility Vault Infrastructure (State Capital Funded)
    The vault work near the PSPE and Guzetta Hall was performed and the impacted buildings are fully online. Site restoration is finished as well.
  • Building Heat Exchanger (State Capital Funded)
    The work on the new heat exchanger at Knight Chemical Laboratory and Mary Gladwin Hall is finished. The building’s domestic hot water and heat are online. Site cleanup is finished as well.
  • Building Roof Replacements (State Capital Funded)
    The roofs of Ayer Hall, Cummings Center for the History of Psychology, Lincoln Building and James A. Rhodes Arena have been replaced. 
  • UA Police Department (UAPD) Relocation (State Capital Funded)
    UAPD is settled into its new home at 32 South College St.  Its former location, known as the Trecaso Building, was abated and razed, and the vacated site has been restored as green space.
  • E.J. Thomas Performing Arts Hall (State Capital Funded)
    The re-facing of the expansive lobby wall areas with new phenolic panels is finished. 
  • McDowell Law Center (Various Sources)
    The School of Law has settled into a completed, comprehensively renovated, McDowell Law Center. Site restoration is finished as well.
  • Buchtel Hall HVAC Replacement (State Capital Funded)
    The heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit in Buchtel Hall was replaced.
  • James A. Rhodes Arena AV Upgrades (Vendor Contract and Donations)
    The scoreboard and sound system at James A. Rhodes Arena underwent a complete transformation. The new center hung video/scoreboard consists of two 21 feet by 11 feet, two 16 feet by 9 feet and two 13 feet by 2 feet high definition video boards. The boards may be raised and lowered to assist with maintenance. Also new is a digital scoreboard table and four curved high definition 4 feet by 12 feet videoboards attached to the corner columns within the arena.

Projects in Progress

  • ASEC Elevator #3 Modernization (State Capital Funded)
    Elevator No. 3, serving the north tower of Auburn Science and Engineering Center, is undergoing a full modernization. The project and cleanup will be completed by Jan. 15, 2018. During the modernization, floors 3, 4 and 5 of the north tower will not be accessible by elevator service. Please contact College of Engineering department chairs or the Dean’s Office to arrange appropriate accommodations, if needed.
  • Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences - Boilers (State Capital Funded)
    The Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences building has heat as two of four boilers are now online. Construction is ongoing and is expected to be finished by Jan. 31, 2018.
  • Campus Hardscape (State Capital Funded)
    The first phase of an ongoing project to rehabilitate campus hardscape is complete. This phase consisted of various sidewalk repairs, restorations and the demolition of an exterior stairway at the Sumner Street Bridge. The second phase of sidewalk restoration and stairway repairs will resume in April 2018.
  • Campus Electrical Loop Infrastructure (State Capital Funded)
    All above-ground work is completed. A series of electrical shutdowns are scheduled in December 2017 and January 2018 to make final connections and prepare for the upcoming creation of a redundant electrical loop. Weather permitting, the following facilities will be off line for up to a full day in either December or January: Ayer Hall, Crouse Hall, Akron Engineering Research Center, Bierce Library, North Campus Parking Deck, Honors Complex, McDowell Law Center, South Hall, Simmons Hall and Exchange Street Residence Hall. The building coordinators are aware, so please contact your building coordinator with any questions.
  • Grant Residence Center Razing and Green Space (State Capital Funded)
    Grant Residence Center and Townhouses were abated and razed. Site restoration will be finished by April 30, 2018. Parking Lot 44 remains closed until April 2018.
  • Polsky Exterior Façade Renovation (State Capital Funded)
    • The Polsky Exterior Façade Renovation has ceased for the winter. Phase I, which is finished, included the removal and replacement of sealants at windows, the removal of damaged parapet unit masonry and lintels, which will be replaced in Phase II, and masonry joint repairs.
    • Phase II will commence in April 2018 and will consist of tuck-pointing, replacing canopy roofs, and reducing and rebuilding the South High Street canopy.
  • Wayne College Campus Multiple Initiatives (State Capital and Locally Funded)
    • The roofs were replaced on multiple wings of the Main Classroom Building while the gymnasium lights were replaced with new, long life, energy efficient LED fixtures. The new lights improve lighting levels at the gymnasium floor.
    • Exterior maintenance and site restoration is completed at the Barnet-Hoover Farmhouse.
    • The parking lot lights will be updated by May 2018 to match University standards — LED fixtures will replace sodium fixtures and increase visibility in the area.
    • The main campus command center controls will be updated by May 31, 2018. That update will permit the remote monitoring and controlling of equipment.
  • The Ohio State Highway Patrol Satellite Office (State Highway Patrol Funded)
    The Ohio State Highway Patrol will open its Satellite Office in the former home of the Center for Child Development at 108 Fir Hill by Feb. 28, 2018. 

Future Projects

  • Aramark d.b.a. Dining Services (Aramark and Locally Funded)
    Aramark will soon renovate spaces in Quaker Square to relocate the existing Quaker Square POD to be closer to the residence hall area of the building. Construction is expected to be completed by Jan. 31, 2018.
  • Plasma Alliance Building (University of Akron Foundation Funded)
    The Plasma Alliance Building on East Exchange Street is scheduled to be abated and razed in April and May 2018. Site restoration is expected to be complete by May 31, 2018.

Be sure to look for updates in the coming months which will include details and descriptions of the summer 2018 construction projects.