Electronic Terminology

app – Short for application, a type of computer program. Acceptable in all references.

data – Plural. The singular is datum.

e-book – An electronic book.

e-business or e-commerce – Lowercased, with hyphen.

email – Lowercase, no space or hyphen. But: Capitalize e at the beginning of a sentence.

esports – Pronounced e-sports, short for electronic sports, multiplayer video games played competitively for spectators. Lowercase, no space or hyphen. But: Capitalize e at the beginning of a sentence.

Facebook – Popular social network. The University’s Facebook page can be found at facebook.com/universityofakron.

hashtag (#) – A term preceded with the hash or pound sign (#) in a social network post, used to identify and categorize the subject of the post to facilitate a search for it.

home page — Two words.

hyperlink – One word. A link from one webpage to another.

Instagram – A social network in which users share photos and videos through a mobile app. The University’s Instagram account can be followed @uakron.

internet – Lowercase.

LinkedIn – A social media site used for professional networking.

login, log in – One word as a noun: Access email with a login. Two words as a verb: You need to log in to your account.

media – Plural. The singular is medium. Increasingly, though, it is common to use media in the singular: Everyone thinks the media is biased.

online – One word.

PC – Personal computer, acceptable in all references.

Pinterest – A social network in which users collect and share images in thematic collections called pinboards. The University has a Pinterest account (uakron).

Snapchat – A mobile messaging app in which users share photos and videos for a limited period of time. The University has a Snapchat account (uakron).

Twitter – A social network on which users share content in the form of tweets. The verb is to tweet. The University’s Twitter account can be followed @uakron.

URL – All caps, acronym for Uniform Resource Locator, which is the term for World Wide Web addresses.

URLs – World Wide Web addresses should be lowercase, with no spaces between the characters. In print publications, the UA website should appear as uakron.edu, followed by the remainder of the URL that directs a person to the desired webpage. Contact UCM if a URL should be shortened due to space limitations or for simplicity. In electronic documents such as Word or on the UA website, See our “Writing for the web” resource for creating useful hyperlinks.

video game – Always two words.

voicemail – Always one word, no hyphen. 

web – Short for World Wide Web; alternate term for internet.

webpage – One word.

website – One word.

YouTube – A network owned by Google where users share and view videos. The University runs its own YouTube channel.