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A lean organization focuses on increasing customer value, the elimination of waste and optimizing operations and the key components can be applied to all types of businesses and processes.

In addition to reducing wastes and improving a specific process, Lean is also about building a culture, one that respects all employees and enables them to pursue opportunities to improve their work and share ideas for continuous improvement.

Benefits of Lean

Lean thinking can provide improved value for the customer by:

  • Improving work process
  • Reducing errors or defects in processes
  • Reducing costs
  • Improving the flow of the process
  • Simplifying complex processes
  • Reducing time needed to complete a task

Does Lean mean cutting positions?

No, Lean is about respecting all employees and enabling them to pursue ideas and opportunities to improve their work. Oftentimes, Lean improvements result in time savings and freed-up resources - a great opportunity to devote those savings to other areas and to new ideas.