How to send mail, packages and deliveries to UA addresses

Sending to a resident student

Ritchie HallMail will be delivered to a student's residence hall by Mailing Services, but packages delivered by most carriers (U.S. Express Mail, Fed Ex, UPS, etc.) will be sent to be picked up at Robertson Dining Commons.

We then will notify the student that a package is ready for pickup.

What address do I use?

STANDARD MAIL (e.g., cards, letters, magazines, newspapers):

Recipient's name
The University of Akron
Residence hall and room number
P.O. Box 1350
Akron, OH 44309

PACKAGES (or vendors who will not send packages to a P.O. box):

Recipient's name
Residence hall and room number
185 E. Mill St.
Akron, OH 44325

How do I pick up a package?

All student packages can be picked up at Rob's Dining Commons (map).

The hall will accept packages for only students who reside on campus. Please avoid using nicknames or aliases, as those names do not appear on the official residence-hall roster that we use to notify students that a package has arrived.

Sending to an employee, office or college

Zips fans at a football gameTo find a campus address for a UA employee, visit our online Faculty/Staff directory.

To find the address for a college, office or department, visit our Offices and Departments directory.

Next, choose the appropriate address format from those listed below and include the correct Zip+4 Code. Please do not add any information to the recommended address format — it could delay delivery.

Address formats for incoming mail and packages to campus

For letters from U.S. Postal Service

The University of Akron
Department Name
Akron, OH 44325-(Zip+4 Code)

For packages, flowers and equipment, including deliveries from FedEx, UPS, etc.:

Building and room number
185 E. Mill Street
Akron,  OH  44325

Still can't find what you are looking for?

Visit our Mailing Services site for more.