Embracing a Culture of Innovation

Helping inventions come to life

When it is formally created, the Innovation Practice Center (IPC) will offer the vision and leadership to effectively launch innovative ideas and promising research into successful entrepreneurial ventures by engaging students, faculty and community in the process of innovation, invention and entrepreneurship.

Housed within the IPC will be the Proof of Concept (POC) initiative, which will be led by individuals experienced in business and academia to successfully bridge “the valley of death”— the term used to describe the place where great ideas languish because of lack of development effort, funding, marketing understanding, customer need or management discipline.

Collectively, the IPC and POC will:

  • Educate, mentor and coach UA innovators in developing, protecting, and marketing new innovations into commercially viable products.
  • Develop new curriculum and offer degrees, certificate programs, and/or specialized modules geared toward understanding the role of innovation, entrepreneurship, and public policy in promoting economic growth.
  • Engage local entrepreneurs in developing, protecting, marketing and commercializing new innovations technologies, innovations, products, and services.
  • Provide opportunities for UA students and faculty to engage in multi-disciplinary research and studies relevant to the innovation and commercialization process.
  • Seek funding for continual support of IPC activities.

These initiatives were initially funded through UA’s competitive Achieving Distinction program, which is led by the UA Provost Mike Sherman and Vice President for Research George Newkome. Faculty from five colleges and eight departments were engaged in the proposal to create the IPC and POC.