Academic Program Review

Underlying principle

This is a formative process of departmental strategic planning for refinement and growth.

Program Review Committee


  • Graduate School Associate Dean—Academics, Charles Beneke            
  • Graduate Council Faculty Senate Representative, Philip Allen, BCAS

Three members elected from the Graduate Council

  • Graduate Council Member 1, Shiva Sastry, Computer Engineering
  • Graduate Council Member 2, Nicole Zacharia, PSPE
  • Graduate Council Member 3, Marcus Braga Alves, CBA

Four members from the University faculty (teaching emphasis: 2 undergraduate, 2 graduate)

  • University Faculty Member 1, David Perry, BCAS
  • University Faculty Member 2, Sukanya Kemp, CAST
  • University Faculty Member 3, Ingrid Weigold, CHP
  • University Faculty Member 4, Tim Vierheller, Wayne

Five-year review cycle

This table shows the review cycle.

Review Process Time Allotted 2016-17 Completion Dates
Program Review documents distributed.   Wednesday, February 1, 2017
Optional Program Review Q & A meetings.   Leigh Hall 413, noon, Wednesday, Feb. 8,
and Leigh Hall 413, noon, Thursday, Feb. 9
External Reviewer lists due to the provost 2 weeks Wednesday, February 15
Departments complete all assessments and matrices. 6 weeks Wednesday, March 15
College deans assess departmental reviews. 3 weeks Wednesday, April 5
Program Review Committee assess reviews. 3 weeks Wednesday, April 26
Reviews (non-doctoral) presented to the provost.   Friday, May 13
External Reviews for doctoral programs.   Fall 2017
Reviews (doctoral) presented to the provost.   Friday, Dec. 1

Program Review template

Download the template

External reviewer for doctoral program selection process

Doctoral programs must be reviewed by one external reviewer.

Neither departments nor colleges should contact external reviewers prior to approval of the provost to avoid any potential conflict of interest. Department chairs will submit the names and CVs of three proposed external reviewers to the college dean.

The dean may add two additional candidates.

Deans will submit these names to the provost who may add additional candidates and will generate a ranked list of external reviewers.

Members of the Program Review Committee will contact external reviewers. Departments will make arrangements for confirmed external reviewers’ visits.